New school year begins, and Microsoft has been very, very busy with upgrades to its Office Web Apps only two months after it is released. SAP, in the meantime, started reselling SteamServe’s document automation solution under a new name.

MS Upgrades Web Apps and Facebook Docs

It’s not clear why it’s happened already, but Microsoft (news, site) -- only two months after the release -- has decided to upgrade Office Web Apps, and has used the occasion to upgrade Facebook (news, site) Docs too.

If you check out the Web Apps blog you will see a whole list of new features that Microsoft says have been added or upgraded at the request of its user including Excel Web App charting and auto fill, and PowerPoint clip art and themes support, and printing (from Word Web App). And Facebook Docs, which is really a version of Office Web Apps for Facebook, now has document tagging and better search.

According to the blog, the really big new feature is the ability to print from the Editor (as opposed to the Viewer), although this applies to the Word App only, while the Excel App now offers users the ability to insert charts into workbooks much the same as they might do with Excel 2010.

Facebook Docs users can now tag documents with keywords for tracking and organization purposes while they can now also search for public documents based on name, Facebook page, or tag. It also a new look and feel designed to make it more user-friendly.

And that’s not all, Nick Simons Program Manager, Office Web Apps, says on the blog. In the coming weeks there will be further changes based on user feedback. Watch this space.

SAP Extends DM with StreamServe

SAP has been busy on the document management front recently – probably because they’ve realized most of their clients are looking for suitable Document Management software. With the announcement that it has just teamed up with StreamServe, to sell SteamServe’s document automation solution under the name SAP Document Presentment application by StreamServe.

New under the SAP (news, site)  name, this document automation software automates the generation and personalization of documents and communications from multiple enterprise applications to multiple output types, including print, email, fax and mobile.

A fully integrated, cross-vertical solution for document-rich business processes requiring personalized and customer-centric communications in complex and/or high-volume environments, SAP says it will be offering it across all the verticals it is currently working in.

Obviously SAP wasn’t going to sell it unless it fitted its existing portfolio, so it also supports all SAP interfaces for output management and offers additional features for high-volume print and electronic output to complement SAP’s offerings for output services, including the SAP Billing application, consume-to-cash offerings and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

SAP has been working a lot lately to upgrade its document management offerings. It already resells Open Text’s document management and archiving product and also has a partnership with Adobe for Adobe’s interactive forms.

Open Text Adds SharePoint Services

Open Text also started this week with news about SharePoint. While it has been offering a number of SharePoint based solutions and services for a while thanks to their recent acquisition of Burntsand, they now have a full end-to-end implementation service offering for SharePoint 2010.

Open Text (news, site)  has provided SharePoint services and related solutions for a while but these latest offerings from Open Text is a complete set of services and products to support an organization's use of SharePoint 2010.

Capabilities include:

  • Open Text CLM for SharePoint 2010: Utilizing SharePoint as the interface to capture and work on content, this solution integrates Open Text capabilities for e-Discovery, archiving and retention — complete records management.
  • Open Text Case Management Framework, SharePoint 2010 Edition: Open Text extends its set of tools and business logic, using SharePoint 2010 sites as the front-end to managing cases for processes like contracts.

In both cases, Open Text builds its solutions directly on the SharePoint 2010 platform, extending SharePoint's functionality where necessary to provide complete solutions for content lifecycle management and case management.

Kodak’s New ISV with CAPSYS

Kodak has been busy with its Capture Pro Software. Only two weeks after it got together with Computhink to offer a new output module for Kodak's Capture Pro Software that would send and index documents in ViewWise document management software.

This week Kodak (news, site)  and CAPSYS announced a new agreement that integrates KODAK Capture Pro with CAPSYS Capture Thin-Client application. The ISV agreement establishes a new solution for users looking to scan, extract, classify and index data from both electronic and paper-based documents.

The combination of Capture Pro Software and CAPSYS Software will also enable users to use batch capture and SaaS capabilities from either on-premise or remote locations.

The integration between CAPSYS Software and Capture Pro Software provides flexible configuration choices for users. If a Web-based solution is needed, the CAPSYS Browser can be set up to remotely release scanned or indexed documents into Capture Pro Software for image and data processing.

Customers with a server-based workflow can also use Capture Pro Software to scan and release documents into the CAPSYS Server for processing, which then releases information into a document management system. Users may also run the Capture Pro Software in its entirety without CAPSYS Software.

Hotmail Doc Sync for iPad/iPhone

Finally, not document management per se, but of interest to anyone that users documents on mobile devices, is that Microsoft has started rolling out ActiveSync support for Hotmail.

This means that users can get their mail, calendar and contacts sent automatically to their phones using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Changes made at either end will also be synced automatically.

However, while this is supported on Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad amongst others it will not work right for the moment Android devices.

While Microsoft says it will offer this to Android users in the coming months after testing has been completed, it doesn’t actually say when. If you want to find out how to update your device, check out the Windows Live solution center.