This week in the document management space, Nuxeo and TEMIS integrate seeing Luxid connecting natively to Nuxeo Semantic Entities, Kofax buys Singularity, docStar releases v3.12 and IPS releases an attachment processing system.

Nuxeo and TEMIS Integrate

TEMIS, which provides semantic content enrichment platforms for the enterprise, and Nuxeo, the provider of an open source content management platform for business applications, has announced the integration of high-performance semantic content enrichment on the Nuxeo content management platform through TEMIS's flagship Luxid platform.

Luxid now connects natively to Nuxeo Semantic Entities plug-in through Web Services to seamlessly enrich documents with domain-specific metadata.

It extracts meaningful information such as topics, entities, facts, sentiments or categories, which are used by the Nuxeo Platform to enrich search facets, recommend related content, link to enterprise knowledge bases, feed Business Intelligence dashboards or trigger business workflows. Interested in more?

Kofax Buys Singularity

Capture vendor Kofax has announced that it has acquired Singularity, a business process management provider for US$ 48.1 million in cash.

Reynolds C. Bish, CEO for Kofax, said that the Singularity purchase will enable its existing customers to manage information as it flows through client's organizations, expanding Kofax’s reach beyond capture into the BPM market.

The acquisition will significantly increase Kofax’s addressable market. Its core capture market is expected to grow from US$ 2.2 billion in 2010 to US$ 2.9 billion in 2013 at a 10% compound annual growth rate.

It will also make it the first company to offer a capture-enabled BPM platform, which will provide uniquely differentiated software product and solution offerings in both the capture and BPM markets.

The combined Kofax and Singularity products will be fully deployable "on premise" or via private clouds under a traditional perpetual license model and via a public cloud under a SaaS model.

docStar Releases v3.12

Meanwhile, docSTAR, which develops document-driven process automation solutions, has announced docSTAR version 3twelve (3.12) document management software.

docSTAR 3twelve offers several major enhancements, including expanded rules-based workflow automation, an extensive business analytics reporting tool, new group security features and embedded Active Directory/Lightweight Directory Protocol (AD/LDAP) integration.

The workflow system allows organizations to:

  • Distribute documents to users or groups automatically.
  • Send automatic notifications.
  • Provide guided user interaction.
  • Allow automated index information acquisition at any point in the process.

The security system in docSTAR 3twelve has also been greatly enhanced to support optimized user and group administration as well as departmental segregation. It’s on the market now.

IPS Releases Attachment Processing System

Finally, IPS has launched a new automated email attachment processing system.

With the new solution, attachments in emails sent to IPS clients are automatically scanned for important information, which is instantly extracted and integrated into IPS's revolutionary Digital Mailroom.

With it, attachments are efficiently reviewed, confirmed and incorporated into the same IPS workflow as documents that arrive via upload.

Once processed by the Digital Mailroom, IPS's exclusive Intelligent Capture service then extracts and validates the information and creates an XML, EDI or any other type of file.