Document Management Roll-up: SharePoint 2010 Support Increases, Open Text Offers Semantic Navigation

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It's just about the end of August and time for the gears to shift up one. This week, there have been a number of new releases that have focused principally on getting SharePoint 2010-ready. O3Spaces has also been busy, this time adding Linux support.

MetaVis Supports SharePoint 2010 Document Sets

Summer though it may be MetaVis (news, site) has been busy creating new support for SharePoint 2010. Earlier this month it introduced MetaVis Live Compare offering better governance over SharePoint implementations. This week it has announced that the MetaVis Architect Suite now supports SharePoint 2010 Term Stores and Document Sets.

Architect Suite includes metadata and migration software to help users design efficient taxonomy structures and easily move or classify content in SharePoint.

You may remember in the run-up to the launch of SharePoint 2010 we did quite a bit of work on Document Sets and while we’d refer you to that coverage to explain exactly what they do, in short they allow related documents to be versioned or sent through workflow processes as a single piece of content.

MetaVis now supports Document Sets in SharePoint 2010 sites as any other native SharePoint object allowing users to copy Document Sets between SharePoint 2010 sites. This makes it easy to copy data using specific SharePoint 2010 features between SharePoint 2010 sites.

Using Term Store users can define and manage taxonomy structures. The Term Store Manager in the MetaVis Suite allows users to browse SharePoint 2010 term stores and copy term hierarchies,

The bottom line here is that using these features makes it much easier to plan a 2010 migration strategy -- particularly the migration of documents. If you want to see what Architect Suite does you can download a free trial at the MetaVis website.

Workshare Adds Document and Email Management

Here’s more help for SharePoint 2010, this time from Workshare (news, site), a web services and document management vendor that provides document comparison, multi-party review and content change tracking to the enterprise.

Their latest release is beta program for new document and email management software that extends the enterprise content management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 by enabling a user’s access to files and to manage matter-related documents and email using the same Microsoft Office tools they currently use to create, send and receive documents. The reasoning behind it is that while SharePoint 2010 provides a scalable platform for a centralized document repository, many users want to manage documents and email from within their own Office applications.

While Workshare clearly has a major interest in the legal market, this is a solution that will work across the entire corporate market. Features include:

  • Subject- and client-centric browsing with document check-in and check-out from Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Email management and content filing to SharePoint 2010 from within Outlook
  • Advanced search

And yes, it was designed to work with existing Workshare comparison, metadata cleaning and PDF collaboration tools, so if you’re using them you can bring them along too. Full general release is expected in Q4.

ColumbiaSoft Adds SharePoint, Office 2010 Support

Final bit of news on the SharePoint front is that ColumbiaSoft (news, site) has just upgraded its Document Locator document management software to v6.0, which includes business process automation tools, document workflow, new dashboard reporting features, as well as updated integrations with Office and SharePoint 2010 and other applications.

However, with new versions of Office and SharePoint quickly becoming de rigueur for many enterprises, this version includes updates to support Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The integration with Microsoft Office places document management commands within Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, while the updated SharePoint connection provides advanced document management capabilities within the SharePoint platform without the need for extensive, custom development.

Document Locator version 6 also includes upgraded integrations with Informative Graphics Brava! Enterprise 6.2, and will support the latest eCopy ShareScan technology by Nuance.

Learning Opportunities

Last year, the Oregon-based company released v5.3 whose selling point was that it was designed to work with both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

O3Spaces Adds Linux Support

You might recall that Dutch-based O3Spaces (news, site) has for some time set itself up as a cheaper but effective alternative to SharePoint for document collaboration. Ok, so that was all before the SharePoint 2010 release, but even still it continues to push its document management system.

The latest from O3Spaces is that it has certified its Workplace Enterprise and Express document management systems for the Univention Corporate Server (UCS) enterprise Linux operating system. This means thatO3Spaces Workplace document management and collaboration solutions will perform as designed on UCS and in doing so extends its supported solution stack with a fully-featured document management solution.

O3Spaces Workplace is available in two commercial editions. The Express Edition is an out-of-the-box document management and collaboration solution for departments, workgroups and SMB's. The Enterprise Edition is an extensible content management platform, intended for customers looking to refine their document management environment and streamline their document-centric business processes. Both are available on-premise or as SaaS.

Just as an afterthought, O3Spaces doesn’t claim to have the weight to replace the Microsoft heavyweight, just that it is a viable alternative to people looking for a document collaboration system, and an open source one at that.

From a document management perspective, the kicker is that it provides tight integration of its collaborative abilities into OpenOffice.org, StarOffice and MS Office.

Open Text Launches Semantic Navigation

Finally, this last one is not exactly document management, but could really help companies that are having difficulties tracing and placing their documents. It comes from Open Text (news, site) in the shape of the Open Text Semantic Navigation (OTSN).

OTSN is a new tool that enables users to navigate through volumes of information based on the inherent meaning of the content, increasing Web marketing and online search effectiveness. At its core is the Open Text Content Analytics engine that intelligently extracts meaning, sentiment and context from content. 

A complete solution, OTSN is designed to complement any existing website, independent of the Web content management system used, either installed on local servers or as an online service provided by Open Text.

This too is available as a SaaS or on-premise solution. The SaaS version is still only in beta so companies can upgrade try it out for free using a 30-day trial.