ColumbiaSoft (news, site) ensures the new version of its document management system will work with Microsoft's new OS, plus it has made other improvements too.

Find That Document

Document Locator 5.3 is ColumbiaSoft's ninth update of its document management system, adding new features and compatibility for the latest Windows operating systems Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Starting from the beginning, the installer has been improved to speed installation performance. Once installed, users get a full document management system supporting Outlook, Office, SharePoint, Acrobat and other formats.

There is improved Web browser performance thanks to an optional WebTools feature. This uses .NET and JavaScript to improve performance when hunting for documents. If installed, remote users can gain secure access to the company archives.

Drawing Pictures Into the Web

There is improved integration for users of AutoCAD drawings and Brava software. AutoCAD document performance is improved by integrating with Autodesk’s RealDWG technology to make documents work faster within the DMS.

Integrations with Brava! products -- an image and document viewer -- have been updated to support their latest versions.

Once documents are in the system, there is version control, check in and out, and all the systems in place for eDiscovery purposes. Users can also collaborate, search and archive document. Some of those features are optional - see the product page for more details.

Document Locator 5.3 is officially available now.