This week, there were a number of additional document management capabilities for SharePoint from Kodak and Access Innovations, we took an in-depth look at Office Professional Plus Beta in the new Office 365 suite, SamePage released v4.4, while IntelliChief upgraded its paperless process management software for the IBM I Enterprise series.

Kodak Expands SharePoint Doc

With many companies deploying SharePoint to help them organize their content, many vendors have released products to make the SharePoint experience easier. Such is the case with Kodak (news, site), which has recently released two products that enable users to share, view, edit and find documents that have been created or moved into SharePoint repositories.

Kodak Document Viewer Software and Kodak Scan and View Software enable SharePoint users to capture documents and then use them to trigger workflows using Web-based software that lets users review, compare, annotate and scan document from within SharePoint itself.

Using Kodak Document Viewer, they can embed an inline preview function in SharePoint that provides document previews in search results as either thumbnails or as full pages. The function, Kodak says, is speeded up by the fact that it doesn’t need the whole document to provide the preview and supports over 300 file types.

As you might expect, Kodak Scan and View enables the scanning and import of documents from within SharePoint itself as well as providing additional capabilities to SharePoint's search function.

Access Offers Content Enrichment for SharePoint

Meanwhile, content management vendor Access Innovations has also released some more good things for SharePoint.

This time it’s in its suite of content enrichment and thesaurus management tools Data Harmony, which can now be integrated with SharePoint 2010.

Data Harmony fills semantic gaps in SharePoint to help users take advantage of their metadata through auto classification, enterprise taxonomy management, entity extraction and search enhancements. The result is information assets that are more searchable and more accessible.

According to Margie Hlava, president of Access Innovations, while SharePoint 2010 enables basic importing of an external taxonomy file and some ongoing management, it lacks a useful taxonomy management tool.

By integrating SharePoint with Data Harmony’s MAIstro products, users can create and manage a taxonomy that offers subject metadata with document contributor access, term suggestions for tagging, expanded search through semantic associations and collaboration through discovered metadata. Not sure if Microsoft would agree about its taxonomy tool, but that’s what Access says anyway.

Office Professional Plus Beta for Office 365

Over the past two weeks, Microsoft finally released the long-awaited public beta of Office 365, which we have started looking at in some detail, initially reviewing the Office Professional Plus, which, Microsoft says, offers all the office software you could possibly want and more.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based online business application subscription service that comes in two packages: One for enterprises with 25 employees but can go as far as 50 users, the other for enterprise users that can be scaled to as many seats as necessary.

Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a deeper look at Office 365, including SharePoint Online and Lync, but if you want a look at Office Professional Plus Beta, check it out.

SamePage 4.4 Adds DM Capabilities

Another interesting release for those looking for extended document management functionality came from eTouch (news, site), which released version 4.4 of its enterprise wiki application SamePage, with a number of new features, including drag-and-drop, social network integration and document management.

Aside from the social enhancements, SamePage 4.4 comes with user interface improvements, most prominent of which is drag-and-drop. With this feature, users can drag and drop multiple files from their local desktop into the "attachments" tab of a page.

This works with HTML 5-enabled browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. Want to know more?

IntelliChief Upgrades IBM PPM

Finally, IntelliChief, which provides paperless process management (PPM) software for the IBM I (System i, iSeries, AS/400) Enterprise, has recently announced the release of IntelliChief v3.2.

This latest version of IntelliChief offers customers a significantly enhanced document management experience via improved capabilities with document capture, workflow and document distribution.

Version 3.2 product enhancements include enhancements to the Workbench/Viewer enabling them to retrieve related documents while the document is being processed via workflow.

It also has a new workflow stage, providing the ability to distribute documents via email and fax and control distribution and printing of documents within the workflow process.

Finally, v3.2 also comes with a restructured document repository and document purge where users can deploy an active repository and an optional history repository, enabling them move documents from an active directory to a historical directory on the same disk or on a separate disk.