SamePage 4.4 Release Improves Document Management, Social Capabilities

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eTouch (news, site) has announced the release of version 4.4 of enterprise wiki application SamePage, which a host of new features, including drag-and-drop, social network integration and document management.

SamePage Now More Social

Aniruddha Gadre, eTouch Systems CEO, has highlighted the social and document management improvements of this SamePage enterprise wiki release.

[W]e are excited to offer even more document and knowledge management tools with SamePage 4.4 to current and potential customers. Plus, it's more social, and our team has improved the overall usability of the wiki."

While wikis are inherently a social application, eTouch has gone a step further by including social networking feeds into SamePage wikis. New functionalities in this SamePage release focus on social.

Polls -- Users can now create polls for collaborative and social purposes. Polls are accessible from the dashboard and will display graphical results as in real time. Creators can define the duration and can limit access to polls. Administrators can promote polls by adding the Opinion Poll widget to the dashboard.

Forum categories -- Forums are now better organized, as threads can now be hierarchically categorized. This will help maintain the organization of projects and discussions within the wiki. Administrators can define categories and subcategories, while members can create threads within these categories. SamePage 4.4 allows for easier management, such as moving threads across categories.

Microblog follows -- While microblogging was introduced in an earlier version, SamePage 4.4 now allows following of other community members' status updates. Follow and Unfollow buttons are now prominent, and a Microblog widget can be added to the dashboard for easy access to microblog feeds.

samepage microblogs

Learning Opportunities

Doc Management, User Interface Tweaks

Aside from the social enhancements, SamePage 4.4 comes with user interface improvements, most prominent of which is drag-and-drop. With this feature, users can drag and drop multiple files from their local desktop into the "attachments" tab of a page. This works in conjunction with HTML 5-enabled browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

samepage drag and drop-w500.jpg

Other elements of the UI have also been updated, including a simplified navigation menu, improved comment display, streamlined project admin screen and an improved project listing, page view and search box.

Bug Fixes, Under-the-Hood Enhancements

SamePage 4.4 also comes with multiple bug fixes and stability enhancements, along with other under-the-hood improvements. Notable among these are a Project Members screen, Role Management filter and an HTML 5-based video plugin. 

SamePage comes in both a paid Enterprise and free Community edition, which are both on-premise applications installed within the client's own servers. SamePage can also be deployed via a SaaS solution, in which the wiki is hosted by eTouch systems, and organizations pay on a per-user basis.