Document Mgt Roll-up: DocuWare Moves to the Cloud, SharePoint Gets Mixed Reviews

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It’s still quiet in the document management space. That said, DocuWare has released a new SaaS offering, Snowbound has upgraded its document viewer, enterprises have mixed views on SharePoint deployments, and M-Files v9 supports Office 2013.

DocuWare Moves To Cloud

DocuWare has become the latest document management software vendor to move to the cloud with the release of its new SaaS offering DocuWare Online.

As might be expected, the new service replicates DocuWare's already extensive on-premises version and enables enterprises to take documents of any kind and from any part of the enterprise and place them in the cloud.

DocuWare also says its licensing model is particularly attractive, although it would be hard to find a company that doesn’t claim the same thing. However, under this model, it says the number users are unlimited and the packages are based around document volume rather than seats.

All the features that come with the SaaS version can be accessed through a web browser enabling users to search, download, edit and integrate documents into workflows. This can also be done from anywhere using any device including smartphones and tablets.

If you are interested in having a look, there is a full version available for a 30-day test period for free at the company’s website. Check it out here.

M-Files v9.0

Also this week,M-Files has announced that the full public version of M-Files 9.0 will be available next month and -- more importantly --it will be fully compatible with Windows 8 and Office 2013.

The result is that once Windows 8 is released late this year, users will be able to access M-Files through new Windows 8 phones, tablets and PCs based on this latest edition of Microsoft's operating system.

With Windows 8 and M-Files Mobile Access, Windows Phone users can access documents stored in centralized repositories as well as participate in automated business processes and workflows directly from mobile devices.

Learning Opportunities

It also employs a caching mechanism that offersbetter performance and reliability, as well as making it possible to access documents and information offline.

V9 supports Windows Live SkyDrive, enabling users to review and edit Office 2013 documents simultaneously with others using the new "co-authoring" features of SkyDrive.

SharePoint Enterprise Deployments

If you’re interested in how enterprises are using SharePoint and how successful SharePoint deployments are, we took a look at a new report from AIIM that threw up some interesting figures.

We saw that while there has been widespread deployment of SharePoint, enterprises are far from completely happy with it.We also saw that the biggest single issue facing businesses is the lack of expertise inside organizations needed to get the best out of their SharePoint deployment with --- and this is a real eye-opener -- 46 percent of organizations reporting this as a problem.Interested in more?

Snowbound Upgrades Viewer

Meanwhile, document viewing vendor Snowbound announced the release of version 3.0 of the VirtualViewer AJAX document and image viewer.According to Snowbound, this version comes with a number of improvements including:

  • New Interface: New menu options that are more intuitive
  • Editing: Easy editing and annotation management of any document with right-click menu options
  • Localization: Easy localization options enabling notes and text to be displayed in any language

The new viewer is a pure HTML document viewing solution enabling file retrieval through a universal Web application.It does not require any client-side installation orplug-ins such as Flash, Adobe or Office. If you’re interested in more Snowbound is holding a webinar next week. Check it out.