This week, there have been a number of interesting releases, including’s app for document collaboration for SharePoint accessible on iPad, Halcyon has updated its document management software for IBM i, Sertifi is offering free e-signing in Salesforce and Accusoft offers cloud capture for Silverlight.

Halcyon v3.0 for IBM i

Halcyon this week announced the release of Document Management System v 3.0 for the IBM i platform.

Document Management System v 3.0 offers archiving, rapid retrieval, packaging and distribution of business information, documents and reports held in spooled files on the IBM i system.

Key features include indexing of archived files for retrieval, a web user interface requiring no specialist IBM i skills, a “sticky note” that marks important information about a particular file that can be viewed by assigned users, and an overlay designer for reports.

Document Management System v3.0 also has a segmenting and bundling feature that enables subsets of large reports to be created and distributed to pre-defined recipient lists.

The software performs actions on spooled files without the need for program changes such as emailing the summary page of a report or converting them into PDFs or HTML web pages.

The new overlay designer enables businesses to more easily customize their reports or create print overlays for typical documents such as invoices, dispatch notes, orders, pick lists and customer statements.

Product pricing is tiered and based on IBM processor groups.

SharePoint on the iPad

More fun with the iPad this week, this time from social software provider and in the shape of SharePoint document collaboration and social interactions to the iPad. for iPad offers users the ability to securely share documents, get real-time document and colleague status updates and connect with colleagues anywhere, anytime.

With it, business users can work on a document on their desktop, drag-and-drop it to SharePoint and send a link to colleagues using in Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes.

Using the iPad, they will be able to see and track document updates from colleagues and gain access to the latest version of the document, edit it and share changes with other collaborators when they are online. The team will receive a real-time update once the revised document is uploaded.

And just to show that we have a sense of humor at CMSWire too, we are going to include a link to the website developed to alert the public to the dangers of using SharePoint while walking.

Hey, it’s only marketing, but there’s no getting away from the usefulness of being able to gain access to and edit SharePoint documents through iPad. for iPad costs US$ 19.99 and is available via iTunes. A Lite app is available for free. An enterprise version that provides MDM support for download and provisioning will be available later in Q2 this year.

Sertifi eSignature in Salesforce

Also this week, Sertifi, an electronic signature vendor, has announced, the release of a free signature for Salesforce that enables users to send 20 documents for e-signature per month within for free.

The pre-built integration enables Salesforce users to shorten their sales cycle and increase close rates by up to 30% by sending signature requests electronically.

Documents can be uploaded from a computer's hard drive or from within Salesforce's notes and attachments. The esign application allows users to send a document for signature directly from the Salesforce opportunity for either a fax signature or an instant electronic signature.

Users can also set up rules such as e-signature request expirations and reminders for e-signature request.

Sertifi's e-sign application also provides analytics and reporting. Users see the real-time status of any esignature request at any time, which includes document history such as when a document was sent, opened, and signed.

Clearly, though, pricing comes into it somewhere. While Sertifi's freemium for Salesforce enables an organization to have unlimited users and send 20 documents for e-signature per month for free, if an organization sends out more than 20 documents for esignature during the month, Sertifi offers pricing options that accommodate the organization's esignature needs..

Accusoft Document Capture for Silverlight

Finally this week, Accusoft, the document, content and imaging solutions vendor, announced the release of ImageGear for .NET and ImageGear for Silverlight v20.

New features include Microsoft Office support, ASP.NET enhancements for HTML5 development and new DICOM MPR components, as well as updated Adobe PDF support.

Using the new ASP.NET HTML5 functionality applications, enterprises can now create true Zero Footprint web-based and mobile applications.

The ASP.NET HTML5 controls can display images and thumbnails of over 100 file formats including Microsoft Office formats and PDF files.

Image capture and conversion applications can take advantage of the new PDF/A support to create valid PDF/A files with captured image data for long-term document archival. Other file format enhancements include speed-enhanced JPEG 2000 support and the addition of SVG files support.