This week, Hyland released v11 of OnBase, Nuxeo announced it has made its document management software available for Ubuntu, Laserfiche has announced a Systems Integrator Program, M-Files offers support for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Adeptol released an SDK for its image viewing platform.

Hyland Software Releases OnBase 11.0

Enterprise content management vendor Hyland (news, site) has announced an upgrade of its OnBase software to v11. With it, Hyland says, there are more than 1,800 additions and enhancements that focus on a number of areas, including the new forms capabilities.

The forms capabilities enable users to create and tailor forms without custom coding or an HTML expert. Additionally, the data contained in those forms can dynamically change the flow of a process. This will empower departments to point-and-click configure their workflow processes without needing IT resources.

Other notable improvements include upgrades to its imaging and capture capabilities with inherent intelligent indexing and automated redaction functionality, making it optimized to handle content such as invoices, higher education institutions' transcripts and healthcare organizations'documentation.

For mobility, OnBase 11.0 also enables users to scan and view documents and execute workflows within an OnBase environment that's native to both hand-held devices and tablets, including the BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and others.OnBase is always worth a look, so check it out.

Laserfiche Launches Systems Integrator Program

Laserfiche (news, site) has also been busy and announced the Laserfiche Systems Integrator Program at the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

The program is designed to assist systems integrators seeking to deliver enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) functionality built on a Microsoft SQL and Microsoft SharePoint foundation.

According to Tom Layman of Laserfice, the Laserfiche Systems Integrator Program provides a stress-free experience for system integrators looking to close larger opportunities by providing members with access to the Laserfiche ECM suite. If you’re interested in the program, you can check it out at the Laserfiche website.

Ubuntu Supports Nuxeo Document Management

Also during the week, open source enterprise content management provider Nuxeo (news, site) announced that Nuxeo Document management is available for Ubuntu.

Nuxeo has partnered with Canonical to ensure that organizations choosing Ubuntu can install, upgrade and customize Nuxeo’s tools.

Nuxeo hopes the enhanced support will make it easier for organizations with content management needs and that have elected to use the Ubuntu Linux distribution to incorporate open source into their technology portfolio. Interested in more?

M-Files Supports Dynamics GP

Meanwhile, M-Files (news, site), the developer of M-Files document management software and the cloud-based document management service M-Files Cloud Vault, has announced support for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft's RP solution.

Learning Opportunities

With M-Files Cloud Vault, businesses can now incorporate document management running on the scalable Windows Azure cloud platform into their existing on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP systems.

The resulting "hybrid" model supports a flexible computing environment that enables businesses to maintain their current ERP deployment approach while using the cloud to improve the way they organize, manage and track financial and operational documentation and processes.

M-Files Cloud Vault allows any type of document to be tagged to the corresponding records in Microsoft Dynamics GP enabling them to be retrieved when needed.

By ensuring that the correct version of any document related to a record in Microsoft Dynamics GP is available when it is needed,M-Files says, itprovides the foundation for achieving and maintaining compliance with industry standards such as ISO 9000/9001.

Adeptol Releases Image Viewer SDK

Finally, Adeptol (news, site) has announced the release of a SDK based on its document and image viewing platform.

Adeptol Document & Image Viewing SDK opens up the Adeptol platform for developers and includes features developed for the Document Imaging SDK product.

Adeptol Document Viewing SDK is a software development tool that helps application developers and programmers create applications with sophisticated viewing capabilities, and is compatible with .NET, VB, PHP, Cold Fusion and Python among others.

Adeptol says the SDK acts more as a toolkit and can run on any OS and supports more than 300 file formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, TIFF andAutoCAD.