Document Mgt Roll-up: Salesforce Advanced File Sharing, OneNote Upgrades for iPad

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Back to school and back to the production desks. It’s been a busy week in the document management space with the introduction of a new file sharing app from Salesforce, a new upgrade for OneNote on iPad, DocuWare bought Westbrook, while both SharePoint Online and WoodWing received interesting upgrades. Let’s take a look.

Salesforce New File, Document Sharing

Salesforce continues to extend its reach across the enterprise this week with the launch of Salesforce Files, which enables users to connect any file with any business transaction and share it.

This means that, according to Salesforce, it is the only enterprise file sharing application that connects any file with sales, marketing, services or any other business process operating across the enterprise.

The overall result is that Salesforce platform clients can unlock files stored in third-party repositories and make them mobile, or social -- and all from the same platform.

Just like Dropbox, users can drag and drop any document into a folder on their computer, which will result in the document being synced automatically with the Salesforce cloud, making it available to anyone with the appropriate permissions.

If this sounds vaguely familiar, think Salesforce Chatterbox, which is effectively what it is, in an upgraded format and under a new name.

There are currently about 50 client companies testing it, but it is expected to be generally available sometime next February.

Salesforce is entering a tough marketplace with this release with Google, Microsoft and Dropbox already established, but this is more than just a product launch for Salesforce. It is a way of extending its reach outside its traditional sales and marketing department base and into other areas that Salesforce would not normally be associated with. More on this as it becomes available.

Upgraded OneNote for iPad

Also over the past week, Microsoft upgraded its OneNote application for the iPhone and iPad, making Office and OneNote a more viable product for iOS users than it has been to date.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has linked OneNote with iPad and iPhone, initially releasing the OneNote app for iPad in late 2011.

However, with the 2011 release OneNote remained tethered to users’ desktopas they were obliged to return to their desktop if they wanted to create a new Notebook before being able to upload to iOS devices.

With this release, according to an Office blog post, users will now be able to create Notebooks in OneNote directly from iPad using SkyDrive.

On top of this, OneNote users will be able to create, rename or delete sections, while it also added better Japanese typing responsiveness, an indication perhaps of at least one geography where OneNote is gaining a foothold.

Be warned though, while it now takes up about half the download space it used to, it does not allow users on iPhones to create files from scratch and there is no indication on the blog when, or even if, this will be made available in the future.

Learning Opportunities

DocuWare Acquires Westbrook Technologies

In the acquisition space this week, DocuWare announced that it has just bought Westbrook Technologies, which dovetails with DocuWare’s ambition to become the leading global vendor of enterprise CMS in the SMB space.

The acquisition of Westbrook falls in nicely here as it has a very large customer and partner base across North America’s SMB market, while DocuWare is already an established vendor in the document management and business process space.

Since 2012, DocuWare has been actively looking to expand its reach and took on the global finance house, Morgan Stanley, as an investor to help it pursue this ambition.

For its part, Westbrook is already a familiar name in the Enterprise CMS space, and it is estimated that the acquisition will bring an extra 1500 customers into the DocuWare fold as well as another 40 resellers.

Financial details of the deal were not release. Westbrook will act as a subsidiary of DocuWare.

SharePoint Online and WoodWing Upgrades

Finally this week, two of the more interesting stories in the document management space that we covered this week are work checking out.

The first is that SharePoint Online has not only increased its storage limits, but that it has also improved its document restore and versioning functions.

These new abilities will become available in the coming weeks and include improved file upload, increased site collection and, as result, better document management.

Meanwhile, WoodWing also announced the release of Enterprise v9, which comes with a new interface as well as rearchitected CMS integration.

The result is a system that makes content distribution across social, mobile and Web channels considerably easier, especially with the addition of the new Publish Manager app.