Document Mgt Roll-up: The Relationship with BPM, Nuance's Cloud Connection

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It may be the holiday season, but there’s still activity in the document management software space. This week Nuance connects scanning to over 20 different clouds, Workshare upgrades its document exchange abilities, Kofax took a look at document capture in the enterprise, while AnyDocs got healthy. We also took a look at what exactly business process management is.

Nuance Offers Cloud Connections

Nuance (news, site) has just released PaperPort Professional 14 for Microsoft Windows.PaperPort 14 expands on existing capabilities with fast and simple scanning, easy-to-use document organization, support for PDF and connectivity to network folders and applications.

However, what will really catch users attention in this release is that it can now connect with over 20 cloud services, including Google Docs and Evernote, as well as integration with the new Nuance PaperPort Anywhere cloud and mobile service.

PaperPort Anywhere lets users automatically store their desktop documents in the cloud, and access those documents via PaperPort 14 on Windows, through web browsers and using free apps for the Apple(R) iPad(R), iPhone(R) and Google Android devices.

Scanning is made faster and easier through new Scan-and-Open additions to One-Click scanning, supporting nearly any TWAIN, WIA and ISIS scanning device.

Even better is that it also comes with a very interesting price tag. PaperPort 14 is US$ 99 and PaperPort Professional 14 is US$ 199 for individual users, with volume discounts available through the Nuance Open License Program.

Workshare Releases Professional 7

Document management and collaboration vendor Workshare (news, site), has just released Workshare Professional 7 to improve the document collaboration process and enhance document collaboration across the enterprises.

Working within Microsoft Office, it enables users to review and compare changes to contracts, documentation, financial filings and other business documents when sharing between email, web portals and document repositories as well as identifying hidden information (metadata).

The latest release of Workshare Professional 7 simplifies the installation process, speeding the deployment of the solution throughout the enterprise.

Another significant new feature in version 7 provides automatic detection and comparison of changes when attachments are sent, modified and returned through email, alerting users directly in Outlook. It also includes a Category View for document comparison.

The metadata removal interface is now much faster to use and easier to understand, so users can more simply apply appropriate actions when emails are sent.

Document Management and BPM

In light of the recent acquisition of BPM vendor Global 360 by OpenText (news, site), during the week we took a look at the question of the relationship between enterprise content management and integrated business process management software.

If ECM and BPM are two distinct set of software tools, outside of IT departments, there appears to be some confusion as to what to expect from either, with some businesses looking to enterprise content management to solve issues where they really should be looking at business process management.

While Enterprise CMS aims to manage the content across the enterprise -- and most enterprises understand that -- many are less clear on what BPM does, or, more important, what it should do. At the core of this is a misunderstanding of what business process management is. So in light of that, we decided to have a look at what it is and what approach businesses should take to it. Interested in more?

Learning Opportunities

Kofax Identifies Market for Enterprise Capture

Generally we leave marketing initiatives for marketing departments, except when it tells us something about document management. In the case of Kofax (news, site), which unveiled a range of new marketing programs to enhance enterprises corporate brand, it's work a look.

The launch is the result of extensive research over the last 12 months into customer needs and requirements in the capture software market, including input from industry analysts and customers.

The result is a new tagline, "Capture the Enterprise," which focuses on the increased interest in the market for a broader set of capture products and solutions to meet entire enterprise needs.

The interest here is the feedback from Kofax customers, which suggests the need for enterprise-wide document capture, rather than document capture at individual sites, or departments.

While Kofax provides document capture that can be used in any of these scenarios, it also suggests places other vendors might be interested in. If you’re interested in more, check it out.

AnyDoc Offers Healthy Document Management

Finally, AnyDocs (news, site)  which also works in the data capture and classification space recently announced support for 5010 EDI transactions via AnyDoc EXCHANGEit version 5.1.9 to support the latest health care standards. AnyDoc now supports both the 4010 and 5010 standards.

EXCHANGEit, a data transfer tool for moving data files and documents into back-end applications. It bridges incompatible formats, allowing accurate data to enter back-end systems quickly and easily for transaction uniformity and streamlined reimbursement.

Many health care institutions including providers, payers, service bureaus, third-party billers and software vendors must be compliant for with HIPAA by January 1, 2012.

These changes aim to improve health care quality and lower costs, and to create an inclusive electronic data exchange environment for the expanding ICD-10-CM (Clinical Modification) and PCS (Procedural Coding System) code sets.AnyDocs says that with this version of XCHANGEit, it is offering just that.