This week, the question of the timing of the Office 15 release came to the fore again with a leaked document appearing on the Web, while Office 2007 support seems to have been extended for a few months. Perceptive offers a document viewer for iPad with an Android viewer due,Yammer bought document collaboration vendor OneDrum, while DocuWare expanded in Canada.

When Will Office 15 Be Released?

Over the week, a leaked document from Microsoft that contained all kinds of interesting things appears to indicate that the Windows 8 suite of applications that will be called Office 15 and may not be ready by the time the new operating system is made available later in the year.

The whole point of Office 15, according to Microsoft, is to provide a suite of applications that would be able to take advantage of Windows 8’s Metro interface, which has been built from the ground up to do just that.

The leaked document, which was posted on the Web by a Microsoft partner called Meetroo, says that Office 15 will not be ready until early next year, along with other products such as SharePoint 15, Exchange 15 and Visio 15.

The document also offers a timeline for a number of other Microsoft products, but does not offer a release date for Windows 8.

Microsoft has confirmed the authenticity of the document but said that the timelines shown do not offer definite dates, but merely best estimates. Check it out the video and story behind it all here

Office 2007 Support Extended

Sticking with Microsoft, there is also news about Office 2007. According to Microsoft, the mainstream support for Office 2007 has been extended by six months.

There is no indication when the extra six months was added, but it was due to leave mainstream support around now, and pulled entirely by April 2017 at the same time that Vista was due to be retired completely.

Office 2007 will now exit mainstream support in October 2012, and fall off the support list for good in October 2017.

Over the period of Office 2007’s mainstream support, Microsoft issued security updates along with free fixes for other problems as well as dealing with issues around stability or other flaws.

In extended support -- also five years -- Microsoft continues to provide security patches but offers other fixes only to organizations that have signed support contracts with the company.

Learning Opportunities

As Microsoft promised to offer support for two years after the release of the successor product, it offered support for two years after the release of Office 2010, which went on sale in mid-June 2010. The result is that it has pushed support for 2007 to October to ensure that promise is fulfilled.

Perceptive Offers iPad, Android Viewer

Process and content management solutions provider Perceptive Software launched a product family that allows mobile access to the company's business processes solutions. Interact Mobile for iPad is available now, and Interact Mobile for Android is scheduled to be released this summer with the next release of ImageNow.

"Interact Mobile for iPad offers high-resolution document viewing and process interaction via the device’s native Multi-Touch interface and supports the currently released version of ImageNow 6.6," the announcement explains. Other than that, not much information about the new mobile offerings is available yet.

In 2010, Lexmark bought Perceptive, and a few months later the companies released Interact, an Embedded Solutions Framework. ImageNow, a document management, document imaging and workflow solution, was the focus of the acquisition and helped Lexmark move into the enterprise CMS space.

Yammer Buys OneDrum

Also during the week, Yammer announced the acquisition of UK-based OneDrum, a document collaboration and file sharing company that supports Microsoft Office. It's become clear that Yammer is no longer just another social network -- it's an organization's primary productivity tool.

With OneDrum capabilities integrated into Yammer's social network, we see the makings of a SharePoint competitor, only implemented from the social side first. Now of course I'm not talking about a complete SharePoint replacement; no one will ever do that. But if an organization uses SharePoint for document collaboration and file sharing (which many do) and also integrates some social features within those functions, then we are on the same page here.

DocuWare Expands Canada Presence

Also over the week, DocuWare has announced further expansion in the Americas with a move into Canada, including the appointment of Walter Miller to the position of Sales Director, Canada. DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents.

While DocuWare is already in the market, this represents a major extension of that presence. Miller will be located in Ottawa with 18 years’ experience in document software in general and six of those in document management software.