Doo, a provider of cloud-based document collection, organization and storage services, is launching the open beta version of its solution. The native doo apps for OSX and Windows 8 Metro are now available, and the company intends to launch apps for platforms including iOS and Android as well as a Google Docs integration in the near future.

What Do You Do, doo?

doo collects documents from sources including a user’s hard drive, as well as online sources such as email via IMAP integration, and stores them in a central database. Documents can also be imported from file-sharing applications such as Dropbox. Once documents are collected and stored, doo applies text recognition and tagging algorithms to organize documents for text searching and tag filtering.

Other features include the extraction of document creation and modification dates, collaboration capabilities, and synching of documents so a user obtains the same versions regardless of what device they use to gain access to doo. The company plans to include a feature for legally valid document exchange and also partner with entities such as banks and insurance providers to link customer account data to their doo application.

Bringing It All Together

Doo appears to be trying to bring together popular document management capabilities available in several different solutions and combine them into one application. For example, last week Cabinet NG released CNG-SHARE, a component of the CNG-SAFE 8.0 integrated document management, cloud-based file sharing and workflow solution.

CNG-SHARE allows non-CNG users to securely share documents and collaborate. While CNG-SAFE 8.0 is an integrated document management, cloud-based file sharing and workflow solution, it does not feature the algorithmic capabilities of doo.

Learning Opportunities

In addition, numerous vendors have recently released mobile document management solutions, and tools which allow users to collaboratively share documents with synchronized viewing and versioning are nothing new, either. But doo is definitely opening a wide document management umbrella and trying to cover as many different document management functions as possible.

Considering how new doo is, it will be a while before the industry finds out just how well it really works and if all the capabilities live up to the promised potential. Certainly members of the document management community, both end users and product/service vendors, should keep an eye on what develops.

Doo is currently available in a free version that will store up to 2,000 documents/1 GB of data, paid premium services and special pricing options for large data volumes are expected to be available soon.