File sharing service, Dropbox has announced new features for its Dropbox for Teams which gives administrators better visibility and control over collaborative projects. 

File Sharing is Everywhere

From Box to YouSendit, there are countless options when it comes to choosing a file sharing application. In this popular market, developers always have to make sure they are updating, changing and improving their cloud based platforms.

For Dropbox, recent updates include changes to their Android and iOs apps, and the acquisition of SnapJoy, a photo viewing app.

The company launched the enterprise ready version of Dropbox in October of 2011. According to a blog post from Emil Ibrishimov, a software engineer at Dropbox, the amount of companies now using the service has reached the 2 million mark. This being said, the company found that there needs to be a more efficient collection of tools to manage and share data within a departmental and team-oriented environment.

With the launch of the new administrative controls in Dropbox for Teams, they want to make sure that not only individual users, but the enterprise sees its tools as an efficient and worthwhile investment. 

We’ve been working with our customers to design features that give them the insight and tools their businesses need, while keeping the simplicity that makes Dropbox so easy to use,” writes Ibrishimov.

Administration is the Focal Point

Dropbox has found that in order for its Dropbox for Teams to work, there has to be a good set of administrative controls. In addition to a redesigned administration console where users can monitor team member activity, linked devices and third-party apps, administrators can will have improved visibility and better control over file access.

Features include:

  • The ability to see user activity from a specific time period.
  • A optional two-step verification feature for all team members
  • The ability to set sharing controls, so that files and links can be accessed by all teams members or on a case-by-case basis.
  • The ability to unlink a team member’s web sessions, devices or third-party apps and send a password reset email.


As for team members, they will be no only be able to sync and share larger files with colleagues, but see document previews directly from their browser, instead having to wait for a document to download. The platform offers encryption, password protection and unlinking options to boost security.

The service is available for US$ 795 a year for up to five users and US$ 125 a year for every additional user and as a 14 day free trial.