Dropbox Buys up Snapjoy Photo Viewing App, Updates Dropbox iOS App

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Cloud storage mover and shaker Dropbox has bought fellow Y Combinator alum Snapjoy, a photo viewing app that lets people consolidate and view photos from around the Web or stashed away on various devices and memory cards.

Dropbox has also updated its iOS app, and announced it plans to open its first overseas offices in Ireland.

Snapjoy Buy Boosts Storage Power

Dropbox has rapidly expanded its photo sharing and storage abilities throughout 2012, and coupled with the news it plans to expand offices overseas, means the company is growing fast. That's exactly what it has to do to keep up with companies like Google, Box and Facebook.

Snapjoy is a consumer focused product, but expanding Dropbox's storage capability and adding diverse segments to its storage portfolio is a smart move. Dropbox needs to be attractive to a wide swath of business types in order to stay competitive with Google Drive, for example. The fact it is an inexpensive storage option that doesn't tie into the larger Google and Facebook ecosystems will attract many people as well.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but Snapjoy is no longer accepting new accounts for its services. The Snapjoy blog does say the service will continue to operate normally for current customers. Since the Snapjoy buy is so recent, it may or may not gain a windfall of Instagram converts who may have decided to quit that service over its proposed change to its terms of service

Instagram has backed off its insinuation it will sell customers' photos, but angry Instagrammers may decide Dropbox is looking more and more attractive for their photos in light of the Snapjoy purchase.


Snapjoy debuted its iOS app in October 2012.


Dropbox iOS Update + Overseas Expansion

Buying Snapjoy was not a response to the Instagram fallout, though Dropbox may indeed gain new customers because of it. In fact, the Dropbox iOS update that came out only a few days before the Snapjoy news was announced includes some very Snapjoy-like features.

The most prominent of the iOS updates is the Photos tab, and it pulls in photos that were automatically uploaded to Dropbox and photos that were uploaded from other places into one place. 

Learning Opportunities

It doesn't pull in photos from around the Web like Snapjoy, but putting all the photos in one place and being able to scroll through every one of them is a very similar feature to what Snapjoy offers. Additionally, Dropbox has streamlined uploading photos from iOS devices. To upload photos, just pick an existing folder and hit the '+' button. 


Upload photos from iOS devices directly to new or existing folders with the + icon.


In the entire five years of its existence, Dropbox has served its customers in 200 countries from just one US office, and now it will open an office in Dublin, Ireland. That means more support languages will be added, and more sales team members will be available for more hours of the day. The Dublin team has yet to be put into place, so there is no timetable for when that office will open.

Tell us in the comments if you find Dropbox an invaluable resource or if you've scaled back on using it since its security breach back in July.