It's quiet in the wake of Labor Day, but document automation vendor Eclipse isn't resting as it moves to Silver level membership of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

For clients of the companies involved, these kinds of partnerships are usually a good thing and generally result in better, or more, products. For the companies involved, it usually means extended reach into the markets they are operating in already, and the opening of new markets.

Oracle With Eclipse

With this partnership, Eclipse says that it will be able to add Oracle’s 1-Click line of products to its portfolio enabling what it describes as “competitive positioning” -- which generally means better pricing -- as well as, and probably more importantly given its products, increase its presence across the midsize market.

On top of that it will also be able to use the OPN portal tools and resources, as well as the expert help in the Oracle Partner Business Center, which it says will enable it to maximize customer offerings and customer retention as a result.

For Oracle, which is giving Eclipse access to its customer base, the principal benefits seems to be the fact that it will be also able to offer a new range of document solutions to its customers.

Eclipse Document Automation

Eclipse has an interesting set of solutions that build on the idea of Integration without Modification (IWM). This enables users to build all kinds of documents and forms without every having to go near the source code.

It also does away with the need for Change Management associated with document presentation and delivery.

Eclipse builds enterprise document generation software solutions and e-forms, specializing in the technology that enables companies to develop business documents.

According to Eclipse, all of its solutions come with Enterprise Cloud Fax Service that effectively does away with the need for fax servers, phone lines and physical fax machines.

The result is batch faxing that is not only up to 20 times fast than traditional faxes, but is also capable of sending 250,000 faxes in a single transaction.

Eclipse Corporation provides automation software solutions. It also provides consulting, installation, implementation and support of document automation and management software. A side note, it is not the same as the Eclipse Foundation, which is a community for individuals and organizations who wish to collaborate on commercially-friendly open source software.

More on the Oracle and Eclipse as releases happen.