eCopy Document Management Software Provider PaperWorks Plus
Document management software provider eCopy has announced eCopy PaperWorks Plus. This product allows users to convert paper documents into electronic Portable Document Format (PDF) files that can be edited, searched, managed and organized. There are also some additions that make this application better suited for users looking to improve their workflows.

Organizing the Unorganized

The primary purpose of eCopy PaperWorks Plus is to allow the creation, viewing, editing and modifying of scanned document images, PDFs and faxes. The system is integrated with workflow, collaboration and content management systems to provide an efficient process for retrieving, reviewing, distributing, filing and sharing those documents. In addition, eCopy PaperWorks Plus has direct integration capabilities with EMC Documentum Content Server, Interwoven WorkSite and Open Text document management products. "Too often productivity is constrained by the variety of electronic document formats needed to accomplish the task-at-hand and the challenges of integrating scanned and e-fax document images into business workflows," said Michael Orasin, research manager with IDC's Document Solutions service. "The result is time and resources are wasted and document integrity is compromised by printing documents for either signatures or edits, and then rescanning to distribute them electronically." The eCopy PaperWorks Plus solution provides users with great features that would be expected from a document management solution: * Administer PDFs: Users can edit, view and create PDF files directly from the menu bar * Character Recognition: Scanned images can be easily converted into editable text documents * Document Merging: Documents can be combined with e-mails, spreadsheets, word processing files, presentations and more * Remote Access: Citrix and Windows Terminal Services provide easy remote access * Append Signatures: No need to rescan documents as signatures can be added within PaperWorks Plus * Document Editing: Save time by avoiding the time spent rescanning documents * Identification Tools: Unique identifiers can be applied to PDF files to help keep things organized In addition, eCopy PaperWorks Plus makes the task of distributing documents a little bit easier. When documents come from various systems and sources that can't be modified to provide a better workflow, it becomes a strain on the efficiency of a company. However, eCopy PaperWorks Plus allows users to do most, if not all, of their work within a single application that would previously have required users to figure out how to integrate content from separate applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. Those applications are already complicated enough. The cost for this promised simple, integrated electronic document management solution starts at US$ 200. The eCopy PaperWorks Plus application will be available in the first-quarter of 2009. Until then, the paper pushers of the world shall keep on pushin'.