EntropySoft Releases SaaS Version Content ETL
In October, EntropySoft (news, site), a provider of content integration software, released an updated version of their product Content ETL, a solution for moving content between repositories regardless of location.

Now they take the Content ETL platform one step further, offering a standalone version designed for SaaS companies who want a way to integrate their client's existing content into their solutions.

Although cloud computing has not yet taken off big time, many organizations are looking more and more to SaaS service offerings instead of in-house solutions. This could include cloud storage, web content management, document management and application integration.

In many of these cases, documents are moved across the firewall in the SaaS service. By integrating EntropySoft's Content ETL, these service providers now have full document lifecycle capabilities, including monitoring and auditing. Standalone Content ETL offers both scheduled and on-demand content transfers.

The standalone version of Content ETL includes an embedded version of the Federation Server for simplified deployment. It can be upgraded to include a separate Federation Server. The standalone Federation Server includes the ability to perform transfers via Content ETL Web.

EntropySoft has a number of content connectors already for the most popular enterprise content management systems. So it would make sense for a SaaS vendor to consider the intergration of Content ETL to utilize these bridges that have already been created.