EntropySoft Updates Content ETL for Transfers and Cloud Synchronization

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EntropySoft Releases New Version of Content ETL
We know EntropySoft (news, site) best for their content connectors, but there's more to this company than connectors alone. They have released the newest version of their Content ETL (Extraction, Transform, Load) product, helping you move content between repositories whether they are on premise or in the cloud.

Content ETL for Unstructured Data

While traditional ETL solutions are built for structured data, like a database, EntropySoft's ETL solution works for unstructured data. The benefit? You can now connect content from just about all your enterprise systems.


EntropySoft Content ETL

How it Works

Using Content ETL, you can graphically tie together different repositories (creating bridges), outline document transformation and metadata mapping rules and plan document transfers. This is done using the Content ETL Studio client. ETL Studio makes use of the over 30 read/write content connectors built by EntropySoft.

Once the bridges are designed in the ETL Studio, they are transferred to the Federation Server where they are used.

Content ETL provides the ability to delegate transfer management to end-users using the ETL Web client. The Web interface enables users to view content in various repositories, moving content from one to another as necessary.

Monitoring and Auditing

There are full monitoring and auditing capabilities with Content ETL. You can easily debug your transfer processes on the fly, checking data before and after processing to ensure transformations and metadata were applied correctly.

Learning Opportunities

In addition, a number of the content connectors now have the ability to track changes to content in the repository. You can now get a listing of documents that have been added, edited and deleted in the repository since the last time you requested the list of changes.

Transfer Content Anywhere

Using Content ETL you can perform transfers between on-premise repositories, synchronize content with your cloud environment or perform on-demand transfers. There is also a standalone version of Content ETL for SaaS environments.

We've talked about a number of the content connectors that come from EntropySoft. Connectors that enable reading and writing to a number of repositories including SharePoint, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Alfresco, Oracle and more. If you are looking for a solution that will connect content from all your systems, take a closer look at EntropySoft.

If you are interested in seeing how the Content ETL solution works, watch this product video.