For enterprises struggling to keep different enterprise content management systems and their respective repositories up to date, the release of Entropysoft Content Hub version 5 aims to make the process of synchronizing them easier.

While this is clearly not the first time that EntropySoft (news, site) has tackled this issue, in this version the company says that it has made the user experience easier through a newly designed user interface.

Although the challenge of synchronization has been bad enough with on-premise enterprise CMS, the increasing number of enterprise applications that are now located in the cloud has made this considerably more difficult.

EntropySoft, Information Management

However, this new version, EntropySoft says, overcomes that and enables enterprises to keep their deployments marching in step whether they are located in the cloud or on-premise.

As a result, users will be able to share and collaborate on documents that are located in either cloud repositories or in enterprise repositories, which makes the discovery of documents considerably easier, as it does sharing with partners and customers outside the enterprise.

Content Hub is EntropySoft’s answer to information fragmentation, a universal problem all companies are confronted with. More and more ECM systems are being deployed, increasing information fragmentation and making information access difficult,” said Nicolas Maquaire, EntropySoft CEO.

It offers one point of access to all repositories, accelerating information access and improves the ability of users to collaborate.

While previous versions have offered CMIS and Kerberos Single Sign-In, this version has focused on the user experience and how user interaction with the content is facilitated.

To do this, apart from a newly designed user interface, EntropySoft has also added a repository discovery feature that enables it to not just find particular repositories, but also to connect them. Initially this feature is available for SharePoint, Lotus Quickr and Notes, as well as Exchange and IBM P8.

Other improvements include document transfer monitoring, which comes with metrics monitoring in real-time, while the synchronization function is available to users out-of-the box. Content Hub also comes as a VMware virtual machine that can be connected to existing applications.

Both the virtual version and the on-premise versions are available with Content Hub available in perpetual license and the virtual machine version available on a monthly subscription.

Growing US Market

However, this is not the only news from EntropySoft this week. The company also announced the completion of a new round of funding, which has raised US$3.5 million that will be used to boost its technological abilities as well as an increase its presence in the US.

Currently, the company has signed technology agreements with more than 25 major US software vendors, which has taken it two years to achieve, but with this funding the company is hoping to increase the visibility of its products for large organizations and add direct sales to its OEM business model.

Already. companies such as EMC Documentum, Symantec, Box and Endeca have signed OEM agreements with EntropySoft, and says it will be adding to that over the coming months. If you want to find out more about its products generally, check out the following video.