Epiware Document Management
The Epiware has announced that their flagship Project and Document Management Suite -- which is something like a very light version of SharePoint for LAMP environments -- will be released as Open Source under the GNU General Public License.The Epiware Project and Document Management Suite is the flagship product of Epiware. It is an AJAX-enabled document management web app that provides access to a full set of file management functions, including document check-in, check-out, version control, approval, change notification, and access history. Epiware combines a document management business core based on MySQL with an intuitive interface built using the popular PHP language. The Epiware Document Management Suite includes such features as a smooth AJAX-enabled drag-and-drop interface for accessing files, file version and distribution control, and project management tools. "Epiware is dedicated to delivering high quality open source solutions to businesses to reduce overhead costs and improve data retention. With Epiware's integrated solution employees will spend less time emailing and searching for documents that already exist; it will boost efficiency, reduce paperwork and cut costs," says Jim Kern, CEO of Epiware. Epiware will soon announce their support structure for companies to receive year-round technical support on Epiware Document Management Suite and other products for companies requiring mission critical support. Interested parties can view the Epiware product demo on the company's website.