File syncing is all the rage these days, and Dropbox is trying to leave a mark on both the consumer and enterprise space with its simple, user-friendly approach. While each of the company's 45+ million users would probably agree that less is more, sometimes a little spice doesn't hurt. Here are 5 addons that make Dropbox even more useful.


MailDrop is cool because it allows you to e-mail files directly to Dropbox. You'll have to surrender your e-mail credentials so that the app can access your account via IMAP, but after that any e-mails sent to you with the word “MailDrop” in the subject will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox, no logging in required. 

You can also download files from different Labels to different folders:

maildrop copy.jpg

"I have tested [this program] extensively, but only to the limits of my personal computers and email accounts," says creator Michael W. "As such it is only ensured to work with Gmail, but should work on any email account using the standard IMAP protocol."


DropPages markets itself as a *cringe* lightweight content management system, but it's actually pretty neat. Basically, text files saved to DropPages can be used to create, edit and manage websites. The team behind the curtain argues that this is better than directly editing HTML because: 

  • Dropbox keeps each version of your file as you save it
  • Friendly URLs
  • Navigational elements are automatically generated
  • Content is Minified, GZipped and Cached for the best performance possible
  • Content is separated from HTML, helping to prevent invalid HTML creeping into your pages.

Your site will live inside a shared Dropbox folder, which you can either create or initiate by downloading a DropPage theme: 


Once that's all set, right click the folder and share it through Dropbox with [email protected] These are manually approved requests, but once you pass this stage, you'll will receive a confirmation email.


If you can get past the name -- which I hope also makes you think of that Snoop and Pharrell song because I hate suffering alone -- DROPitTome is a really convenient service. By setting up a unique, password-protected URL, anyone can send files directly to your Dropbox account. 



If you have a link to a file but are on a device that you can't or don't want to download it to (like your mobile or someone else's machine), sideCloudload makes it possible to send the file directly to your Dropbox. The process is simple, too-- all you have to do is put the link url in the "Source URL" text box, add your Dropbox credentials or your e-mail address, click submit, and boom! You're done. 


If you have a website or blog and especially open arms, you can invite your clients to send files directly to your Dropbox via upload form. Using JotForm's Form Builder, you can create a public vehicle for clients to send images, video or text:



You can customize forms to suit your needs by adding or removing fields, choosing a pre-made template or even creating your own.