Microsoft Office is about as sexy as _____. You fill in the blank. And you’ll probably have to strain your brain to think of something that’s dull enough. “Cardboard” comes to mind.

If there’s any good news around that, it’s that Microsoft gets it, and they seem to be thinking rather carefully about what to do about it.

Making big changes to Word or Excel could be disruptive, and in a bad way, because if we were asked to work with something radically different, we’d be likely to check-out non-Microsoft options too.

But what about PowerPoint? Do our presentations provide the same exceptional, modern experiences as tools like Prezi do? Are they as easy and enjoyable to use? Can we create and consume them equally as effectively on PC’s, tablets, phones?

No Learning Curve

If your answers to the aforementioned questions are “no," then you are likely to feel a bit frustrated. But there’s no need for that because Microsoft is in the process of bringing a new product, “Sway” to market that will help you build beautiful, engaging and interactive presentations, web publications and documents in minutes without having to know much about technology at all.

This isn’t marketing hype, we asked a 10-year-old to come up with something using SantaCon pictures in fewer than 10 minutes, here’s the result.

Learning Opportunities

Now mind you, we didn’t provide any instruction whatsoever. That’s how intuitive it is.

What most of us are more likely to do is look at all the features and functions and create presentations that might look like this.

It’s worth noting that Sway is still a work in progress. The Sway team is looking to see what enthusiasts do with the app, as well as what they like about it and where it falls short. Other Microsoft tools like Office Graph have yet to be integrated as well.

We could say more, but your experience will be better if you simply go check it out, and then tell us what you think.

Title image by Abhisek Sarda  (Flickr) via a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.