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  • Document management roll-up

    Doc Mgt Roll-Up: How Do You Like Your Living Documents?

    Document collaboration vendor Quip may not be a household name. But it's CEO and founder Bret Taylor probably is — at least indirectly. Taylor created the Facebook ‘Like’ button when he was CTO of the social network. He also co-created Google Maps and the Google Maps API.

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  • Dissecting a Few Microsoft Productivity Tools

    OK, maybe it’s not as frustrating as convincing a two-year-old to stop flushing random things down the toilet, but trying out allegedly "foolproof" new apps only to find that you can’t do the simplest of things — like share a grocery list with your family — can get annoying fast.

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  • Get Your Hands Dirty with Microsofts New Office App

    Get Your Hands Dirty with Microsoft's New Office App

    Microsoft Office is about as sexy as _____. You fill in the blank. And you’ll probably have to strain your brain to think of something that’s dull enough. “Cardboard” comes to mind.

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