Seems likes like there’s nothing Google won’t do to spoil the Office party. With a major announcement due next week on Office 365 where Steve Ballmer "will share the news," Google already this week has announced integration with Box, and now has made it easier to use Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office.

In both cases, it will enable users to make the best of all the features of Office documents. In the case of Box, it means being able to edit and collaborate on Office documents stored in Box. With Cloud Connect, you’ll be able to sneak documents out of Office and work on them in Google Docs.

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However, the Cloud Connect announcement is not a newbie -- Google announced the beta last November and went to general release in February. It's just that now, it has made the software a lot easier to use.

In case you missed it then, Google Cloud Connect bridges Office and Google Docs, allowing users to operate the Office interface with Google Docs features, the result of the acquisition of DocVerse back in March 2010, and supporting Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Google Cloud Connect: Opening files

Google Cloud Connect: Opening files

Cloud Connect Upgrade

With the upgrade, which was announced on the Google Docs blog, using Office documents in Google Docs is just a question of a few clicks.

According to the blog post by Himanshu Vasishth, Software Engineer with Google, it was one of the changes requested by users, and means that users can now open any Office file stored in Google Docs through an Office interface.

Google Cloud Connect: Searching for files

Google Cloud Connect: Searching for files

After finding files, it’s a click-through process based on a dialog box listing all the documents that can be opened using the application you are working in.

If you’ve a lot of files stored in Google Docs, then you can also use the search feature, and after selecting the file you want to open, it will be downloaded onto your computer and opened. Quick, simple and efficient, and certainly not the last we’ll be hearing about it. If you want to find out more, check out the video from the original Cloud Connect release.