Hyland OnBase 13 Released with Photo Upload, Offline Support
Hyland's yearly OnBase update is here, and OnBase 13 continues the company's focus on document imaging and workflow, including forms, mobile, photo upload and offline support upgrades to the latest version. 

Workflow Update, Offline Support

As an enterprise content management system, OnBase generally gets high praise for its document imaging and workflow management ability, two boring but undeniably important functions in large businesses. For OnBase 13, Hyland has added things like the ability to upload photos from mobile devices, and perhaps more importantly, the ability to submit forms from iOS, Android and Windows devices.

For those times when Internet access is not available or needed, the system now allows for offline usage of documents from an iPad. Conversely, information and documents gathered in offline mode will auto sync with OnBase 13 when the device reconnects. Additionally, OnBase 13 includes a Workflow Approval Engine, an updated way to manage administration of approvals.

It can reassign work if someone's role changes and there's no one around to approve it, for example. In all, Hyland says there are more than 2,500 enhancements to the system, one way of saying there was quite a bit of refinement going on.

Case Management + Forms

Hyland was named a leader in last year's Gartner MQ for Enterprise CMS, and even though OnBase 13 isn't a major update, the company will likely be named so again in the next MQ as well. That's because of its core document abilities, and that includes things like forms. OnBase 13 has a tool called Unity Forms, and it's the ability to create sophisticated forms without coding.

It includes a visual forms builder, and the ability to attach existing files to those new forms. It even supports the ability to e-sign documents via a DocuSign integration.

There's also now full text search, and a way to filter dashboards for greater control and monitoring of case management work. Furthermore, even though OnBase is architected to be Microsoft focused, it has made its Unity Client a bit more customizable in this version. Personal Pages can be built just for particular users' needs for those who wish to dispense with the ribbon style toolbars, for example.

Hyland has a solid niche in the ECM space, but one place we'd like to see improvement is in adding more capabilities to its core. If features over 200 modules for upgrades, something that many will indeed balk at. The company has done a decent job in keeping up with changing technology like mobile, and it even does well at integrating with other systems.

Now it just needs focus a bit more on its core offerings, a good start when attempting to win over any non technical leaning potential customers.

Image credit: RAJ Creations / Shutterstock