HyperOffice Expands SaaS Collaboration Suite Reach to EMEA
HyperOffice (news, site) gets ready to invade the old world, partnering to offer its software-and-services bundle to Europe and beyond.

The Global Office

Aimed at SMBs, HyperOffice offers an intranet, document management plus sharing, collaboration and other tools to help users get productive, quickly and inexpensively. Now, after years of success in the States, with clients like Fox and GMAC, HyperOffice is heading global via Europe by tying up with German partner Virtual Network Consult.

From the "No geeks required" tag on the front page, it's clear that the product range is aimed at those without the skills or time to manage complicated infrastructure. HyperOffice is the collaboration tool which can be used on its own or in conjunction with HyperBase (database management), HyperMeeting (conferencing and document collaboration) and HyperCampaign (email-shots).

Big Office, No Desk

The document management features allow users to store and share documents with online collaboration and version control. Web folders can be used to arrange and store files while permissions can be used to ensure the right people have access to the appropriate docs.

With a desktop like interface, toolbar and practical front-end with schedules, messages notes and reminders all on display, HyperOffice looks like it could easily replace a lot of existing functions and combine them into one space.


Take your office with you, wherever you go.

Share and Share Alike

As a team gels together, contacts and other information will need to be passed on. HyperOffice does this easily, allowing Outlook contacts to be shared. As more detailed information needs to be circulated, users can create wikis and forums to aid the team's conversations. 

Mobile users are well supported and can get in the act using their phone's push features. There are apps for iPhone and BlackBerry, and support for J2EE phones. A couple of weeks ago, the company unveiled HyperSynch to help keep data kept on a host of mobiles in tune with server-side information using bi-directional synching.

Pricing starts for the collaboration suite with email at US$ 54.94 for up to five users a month and 1.25GB of storage (paying an annual rate is more cost-effective) with increments all the way up to 250 users and 62GB of space, with negotiable pricing beyond that. Presumably, a similar level of pricing will be on offer for European users.

The partner handling this global push, VNC, also offers Zimbra Collaboration Suite and DataSync Suite among others, so competition will be fierce.