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Arizona-based ICM Document Solutions has announced an upgrade to its document management software that specifically addresses client-identified concerns of risk mitigation and quality management.

The company says that while this upgrade to ViewCenter 2.6, which it is calling ‘The Performance’ upgrade, adds a number of new features to the system, it is really focusing on upgrading existing features.

ViewCenter Upgrade

The need for the upgrades was identified by ICM clients, many of whom are government agencies, education, and large manufacturing and engineering concerns.

ViewCenter is its flagship document management software product. It is a web-based document management system which, as might be expected of a company dealing with government agencies, manages the life cycle of documents from ingestion to storage to life-end solution be that destruction, or turning those documents into records.

There isn’t a lot here in this respect that sets it apart from many other document management software systems, but ICM is clearly very concerned about document security and secure storage considering some of the principal features it is promoting cover just that.

ViewCenter And Security

In fact, if you look at View Center you will find what the company is calling the mystical sounding Seven Levels of Security. This is not a secret society with special handshakes or funny masks. It is, in fact, exactly what it says it is. There are, within ViewCenter, seven levels of security.

These include:

  1. Secure login to web access with optional extra https site
  2. Each group of documents has specific permissions
  3. Permissions-enabled searches
  4. Document functions set to enable certain actions by certain users only
  5. Document editing by permissions only
  6. Creation of super-users or oversee all permissions
  7. Super-users can create collections, users, groups, and lists

ViewCenter v2.6

ICM appears, for the moment, to be happy with the security because the new features that have been released in v2.6 don’t really address security features at all.

The principal upgrades are in the area of Quality Management and in particular the added ability to produce auditable records via a centralized, web-based platform.

New components include:

  • Annotation and e-signature
  • Quality Management System
  • Engineering Change Request/Engineering Change Order (ECR/ECO) workflow
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Configurable revision control numbering schema
  • Forms and templates upgrades for compliancy

ICM has been producing business solutions for over 20 year with ViewCentre providing the document management component of their business. Earlier this year, it was named one of Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Private Companies.