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SharePoint connecting to FileLocker

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies are starting to dovetail with SharePoint, as enterprises struggle to balance a need for security with demand for access. Platform-as-a-Service vendor Infrascale has released a possible solution with the availability of SharePoint connectors for its FileLocker enterprise collaboration solution.

The Problem With BYOD

However, FileLocker is more than just an enterprise collaboration platform. With the release of the connectors, FileLocker will enable enterprises with a strong SharePoint presence to facilitate BYOD strategies.

Why should this be such a big deal? The problem is that while many enterprises may be in favor of BYOD strategies for their employees, there is a concern that IT may lose control of what files are being shared, or leaving the enterprise environment.

Needless to say, as SharePoint is now being used as a document management, enterprise CMS and collaboration solution in many enterprises, this is becoming quite a problem.

In principal, there is no issue with employees bringing their own devices, but as we saw last year in the case of IBM, many have prohibited their use to stop sensitive information getting outside the firewall.

This is particularly true where SharePoint is being used in its capacity as a document management application, as it is relatively easy to push documents outside the firewall and onto the devices of people that really shouldn’t have access to those documents.

SharePoint, BYOD and FileLocker

FileLocker aims to deal with that through simple integration with SharePoint. It can also encrypt for all data stored inside SharePoint.

Its core functionality at the moment includes not only end-to-end encryption, but also file editing in the cloud and document preview with plug-ins for AutoDesk, as well selective file sharing.

For enterprises, the real bonus is that it comes with native apps for not just iPhone and iPad, but also for Android and Windows Phone.

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FileLocker in SharePoint

This enables password-protected access to files connected to FileLocker from SharePoint, enabling authorized users to access documents from SharePoint and download them onto a device of their choosing.

FileLocker Set-up

For enterprises, the benefit is that all content can be protected by permissions with the possibility of offering access to specific users, or even web browsers.

An added bonus, Infrascale says, is that this kind of security is not difficult to set up with FileLocker. To set it up there are straightforward wizards that allow administrators to connect to SharePoint databases and select what files should appear in FileLocker.

Permissions can be added at the enterprise, department or individual levels once the files have been made available.

FileLocker has just been released. If you want to try it out there is a free trial offering that offers 25GB of secure cloud storage for collaboration with up to five other users. After that you can upgrade to a US$ 10 per user per month plan that offers full collaboration functionality and protection.