Joukuu: Centralized File Management for Dropbox, Google Docs,
If you've got files hanging out in Google Docs, Dropbox and, being able to manage them through a centralized platform probably sounds like a capability you needed yesterday. Enter Joukuu Web, a file management tool that allows users to track, edit and share files across said services. 

Joukuu Web

Founded just last year by Anson Wang, Joukuu was named after the Japanese word for "sky" or "cloud", affirming Wang's main mission: "[to] share and track your cloud-based backup files in the simplest way."

Aside from the obvious, Joukuu's Web application is handy because it doesn't require you install anything. Sign up, add your accounts and you cans start managing everything from one place right away. For example, stay hard at work by editing the business files you've got in Google Docs, but keep the personal files you have stored in your Dropbox and/or account right in the same browser-- just in case anything interesting happens over there. 

You can also drag and drop files between accounts and automatically categorizing them as well. Joukuu Plus ($59.99 but currently on sale for 50% off) adds even more folder management and an unlimited number of accounts. 

Check it out in action:



Users can also use Joukuu to search for files or folders across accounts, as well as share and collaborate on documents across different service providers. 

The Catch

While it won't cost you any money to join, you'll have to fork over some cash (US$ 40 per year) if you want to add more than one account on the web app-- Google Docs plus plus Dropbox, for example. This is kind of a bait-and-switch tactic, since having access to more than one account is the whole point of this service.

It may be worth your time, however, so I'd recommend giving it a spin if you've got files coming out of your ears. Support for Skydrive, Sugarsync, Huddle, and Zoho is also in the works.

Currently the platform is on sale for US$ 20 per year, and you can cancel your subscription within 14 days, no strings attached, if you're not in love with it.