Key Factors for Successful Document Management Deployments #nuxeoworld

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In this session at Nuxeo World, we looked at best practices, lessons learned and key factors of a successful document management system deployment based on a Nuxeo DM example.

The presentation (delivered by Alain Escaffre, Nuxeo, and Thomas Choppy, Smile) focused ona use case based on the implementation by Nuxeo’s system integrator Smile of Nuxeo Document Management system at HEC – a well-known Frenchbusiness school with 44,000 students around the world. Lessons learnedon how to avoid common pitfalls are applicable to many DM projects ingeneral.

The Project

The implementation focused on educationalcontent distribution objectives: from training content, forums, blogs toa grading system. Permissions management was quite complicated withstrict segmentation of which content is available to which groups ofstudents. Integration with an internal IT rights management system was,hence, involved.

Some constraints of the project included complicatedcustomization requirements for the UI, deep integration with theexisting IT ecosystem, traffic of thousands of users.

Learning Opportunities

The projectfollowed agile approach, balancing ongoing specifications and workingwith non-technical users for requirements fleshing out.


Linux,Oracle and JBoss were in the mix. HEC used Nuxeo’s Connect subscriptionservice to accelerate SI’s work, where Nuxeo was supporting Smileduring the implementation.

Twenty tickets were open during the project.Some were related to bugs that were not previously found in defaultinstalls of Nuxeo DM, others were around extending development device onthe design approach, and how to use JSF validation or use API.

Best Practices

  • Use storyboarding: We know what Nuxeo is capable of, so we can present that “on paper”
  • Be agile, define the initial scope at the beginning, draw the line around the project perimeter
  • Consider deployment issues at the beginning of the project: tech requirements, architecture, required service level
  • Testing: Have a good strategy for testing
  • Focus on business value: Ask users what they want the system to do.

Common Pitfalls

  • Too many political interactions in workshops, avoid that by limiting the number of participants to key 3-4 users in the company
  • No awareness of product capabilities
  • No clear and measurable goals
  • No team leader capable of making decisions.