Knowledge Tree DMS
KnowledgeTree has updated their KnowledgeTree Document Management System to version 3.4 -- a more powerful take on its existing low-cost alternative to typical document management solutions. The main differences lie in a gaggle of Web 2.0 features -- which have become darn near required for any sort of legitimacy these days: tagging, tag clouds, and XML data feeds.Tags and tag clouds make it easier for document management users to store and categorize documents. When documents have been uploaded, users are then informed via e-mail or through their RSS feeds. In addition to these capabilities KnowledgeTree adds server-side integration to v3.4, courtesy of, as well as document-to-PDF conversion abilities. The Web 2.0 collabo craze is like the lost inner child that all businesses seeking to stay relevant are trying to get in touch with, and fast. In a recent statement Daniel Chalef of Jam Warehouse, the creators of KnowledgeTree, expresses a few optimistic feelings about Web 2.0, ones that have doubtless been swinging from the branches for some time: "Consumer Web 2.0 applications, which help people publish and manage content with ease, are some of the most popular and well-trafficked sites today. KnowledgeTree now brings the same power and simplicity to business, helping people store, share, track and manage their business documents and emails with the same ease and intuitiveness." In an interview with Tectonic, he also mentioned KnowledgeTree's intention to release a web services application in the next month. Community members seeking to learn about that endeavor or get involved should visit the Knowledge tree wiki and forge sites. This collaborative attitude is part of the open source backbone that KnowledgeTree likes to emphasize. The web-based KnowledgeTree Document Management System v3.4 is built on the oft-used open source Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) stack, which was updated in this edition to optimize the complete package. Thus far, v3.4 has been downloaded over 280,000 times. KnowledgeTree comes in three editions, Knowledge Tree Enterprise, KnowledgeTree SMB, and KnowledgeTree Open Source. The two commercial editions include priority support and additional functionality including the Microsoft Office UI and Windows Explorer for the document repository and direct-to-repository scanning capability. To view the full release, visit Tectonic. You can also download the open source flavor of KnowledgeTree DMS. And per Chalef's enthusiastic instructions, do take a look at the KnowledgeTree wiki and forge sites to be part of something big, or at least get to know the upcoming web services app better. KnowledgeTree provides production-ready enterprise document management solutions through the open source community. Their open source architecture enables businesses willing to take the time to customize and integrate a tailor-made doc management solution into their own infrastructure, resulting in more flexible and less expensive solutions to their myriad document woes. KnowledgeTree is based in Cape Town, South Africa.