Open Source CMS Vendor ProcessWire Adds Multiple Language Support

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Open source CMS vendor ProcessWire has released a new version of its PHP-based platform. Version 2.2 is the thirdrelease for the CMS that went to beta in February 2011. Version 2.2 has a longlist of enhancements and new features that may make the platform moreattractive in the increasingly crowded open source CMS field.

What’s New in 2.2

ProcessWire 2.2 includes a number of major improvements across every area of the CMS. The team added multilingual support in the release. ProcessWire now includes admin language packs, which allows administrators to work in the language they are most comfortable. Currently, language packs exist for Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish, and more are under development. Users can also create their own language pack using the administrative interface. In addition to the admin language packs, ProcessWire now includes:

  • Code internationalization
  • Multilingual fields
  • Built-in translation interface

There is also now a multi-language support forum for users to discuss issues or get assistance with ProcessWire’s new multi-language features. 

Learning Opportunities

In addition to the new support for multiple languages,  ProcessWire can now run multiple websites with different domains or subdomains within the same installation. The multi-site support allows sites to either use separate databases or share a database. Version 2.2 also features an upgraded page editor and more flexible date time fields. ProcessWire developers received a bundle of new features, such as support for module dependencies and lots of new hooks that make development for the platform more efficient. Details for the new features and enhancements in ProcessWire 2.2 is available on the version release announcement.

Getting More Information

Version 2.2 is available now on GitHub. The download includes the software and a basic site profile to get you started. There are also several plugins and admin themes available for users to customize their installation.