DotNetNuke CMS Infused With Extra Cash

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DotNetNuke Corporation Raises Series A Capital
DotNetNuke Corporation, the commercial entity behind the popular free and open source DotNetNuke CMS, has announced a new infusion of Series A Capital. The amount of funds raised is not being disclosed at this time, but the two organizations behind the new cash infusion are August Capital and Sierra Ventures.Called the most widely used .NET-based CMS, the DotNetNuke Web application platform system has been downloaded more than 5.6 million times. DotNetNuke is built upon Microsoft's .NET Framework and the engine itself is written in VB.Net.

Successful For a Reason

As noted in a blog post, DotNetNuke has found success in the small, medium and large business markets. Of course, DotNetNuke's pricing model (free) is a reason for this, but also because of how the Web framework is built. DotNetNuke was engineered in such a way that third parties can develop and implement their own plug-ins, further enhancing the DotNetNuke offering. The DotNetNuke developer community is strong with over 630,000 registered members on the community Web site. Developers are attracted to DotNetNuke because it is written in VB.NET (a language and framework many of them are already familiar with) and the product can be customized quite easily.Many companies have built their businesses around offering add-ons for DotNetNuke. SnowCovered is one of note and offers very attractive themes to instantly reskin/brand your DotNetNuke site in an easy way. Vivek Mehara, partner at August Capital, had this to say about the new relationship with DotNetNuke: "We have seen that open source software is changing the face of the established business applications industry. It is clear to us that DotNetNuke has the right team, the right product and the market momentum to become a dominant company. We are excited to work with them as they take the next step on their journey."

Going Forward

The new Series A Funding will be used to strengthen an already strong Web application framework that many companies use as a content management system, e-commerce Web site engine and application framework. We are happy to see an open source project be so successful, especially in the Web CMS arena.