Liferay has taken numerous steps to make participating in the development of Liferay Portal easier to understand.

According to Liferay, there was mixed reactions to the new “continuous feedback” approach that was set to replace the Beta Program. There were concerns that it would be hard to track changes and respond to them, which sparked Liferay to launch a brand new set of “continuous feedback” pages that aggregate information about development. These include: understanding the release process, tracking stable releases and tracking development releases.

Liferay also added new resources for learning all the information you need to consider when contributing code to the platform. This will help developers get started with fixing bugs, improving functionality and building new features.

Along with these changes, Liferay launched a new Participate page to help the community understand how they can be part of the development of Liferay Portal beyond contributing code.

Tiki Released 18.4 and 19.2

Tiki CMS released updates for Tiki 18.4 and 19.2. The improvements include updated OpenLayers maps, more flexibility with Wiki Autotoc and many more minor updates and bug fixes. In addition, Tiki 12 has reached its end-of-service life — users are urged to upgrade to the latest LTS version.

Learning Opportunities

More Open Source CMS News

Joomla 3.9.11 was released with one security vulnerability fix and numerous bug fixes. The Joomla community continues its development of version 3.10 and its major version 4.0, which it plans to release by the end of 2019.

SilverStripe offered a sneak peek of its speaker lineup for StripeCon EU 2019 scheduled for Oct. 10-12. The presentations include a wide range of developers discussing JAMstack, CSS Grid, serverless, Kubernetes, Vue and more.

Liferay has opened registration for its annual developer conference — DEVCON 2019. The event will feature over 40 in-depth sessions and technical workshops related to Liferay best-practices and Java development.

Finally, the Midwest Drupal Summit 2019, the third of its kind, took place in Michigan. The “small but mighty” event was host to “Drupal contribution, collaboration and fun.”

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