Open source content management system (CMS) vendor Jahia hasreleased a new version of their platform. Jahia 6.6 includes several notableenhancements to Jahia Studio, the free user interface builder the companyintroduced in its last release, and the core platform.

What’s New in Jahia 6.6

Jahia introduced its free WYSIWIG user interface (UI) creation tool, Jahia Studio, in the last release, Jahia 6.5. The latest release enhances the tool with several features that streamline the UI development process such as:

  • More efficient management of interfaces and components permissions
  • Additional deployment options for modules including the ability to bulk deploy
  • Better management of module dependencies, which makes packaging applications easier
  • The ability to restore deleted content items


Jahia also made several enhancements to the CMS’ core platform. A new framework, the Visibility Framework, was added to support personalization and more advanced content delivery. Using the functionality, administrators can specify conditions to control content visibility; three pre-built conditions, which control content visibility based on time, are included with the release. 

Administrators get more advanced administration capabilities like new configuration options for stack traces, thread and memory dumps. These features will make it easier for administrators to troubleshoot issues with the platform. Jahia also added extend import and export mechanisms.
Other notable enhancements to the core platform include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Performance improvements to database and file system storage
  • A new FixApplier application that makes upgrades easier

In addition to the updates in Jahia Studio and to platform core, Jahia also added a Kerberos security configuration tool and support for single sign-on, which is likely to make Jahia more attractive to enterprise customers.

Getting Additional Details

If you want additional details about the release, Jahia has updated all documentation to reflect the functionality in version 6.6. If reading documentation is not your thing, Jahia has created a new demo package that showcases the new features. The Jahia 6.6 installer and developer SDK are available for download now.