Web content integrator Jahia (news, site) launches a beta site to demonstrate the value and interactiveness of HTML 5.

Composite, Not Compromise

Jahia's expertise is in collating composite content -- your company's content drawn from a wide area of resources, be it documents, other websites or social media into one site -- gets a boost with the addition of HTML 5 support. Its open source CMS is currently available in beta, and now comes packing the benefits of HTML 5 to boost delivery of that content for any device.

This addition to the Java-powered CMS, launched in beta at the end of last year, enables developers to take a modular approach to site creation and stores everything in the Java Content Repository, which helps in splashing content over smartphones, tablets and other non-traditional browsers as well as those comfy old desktops.

HTML 5 Takes Over

The additon of HTML 5 allows developers to make use of those handy new tags for multimedia and visual content, dropping the need for the minefield of extra mini-player plug-ins and grumpy APIs.There's no sign of that flashy HTML 5 logo on the site yet, but you can check out a host of videos showing off the product's features or download the beta and try it for yourself.

Combining the power of Jahia's developer studio, the composite content platform and the content manager, developers have pretty much everything needed to build current and next-generation websites, with HTML 5 the next step on the road to more accessible, more widely available sites with top content and no more "Cannot play this xxx" messages.