SilverStripe CMS Accepted as Official Mollom Partner g
News from New Zealand! SilverStripe, the provider of one Content Management System that people are not only writing books about, but also won Packt’s Most Promising Open Source CMS award in 2008, has been accepted as an official Mollom partner.

SilverStripe is the second vendor to be deemed fit for Mollom’s spam blocking ecosystem by founders Dries Buytaert, who also founded Drupal, and Benjamin Schrauwen. 

This is Your CMS on Mollom

Mollom wants to help you sleep better at night. The Web service analyzes the quality of content posted to websites (comments, contact-form messages, blogs, forum posts, etc.) and tries to determine whether the content is unwanted - i.e. "spam" - or desirable - i.e. "ham” in various ways, including through the use of both image and audio CAPTCHAs.

Addition features of the newer tool are:

  • Next generation spam filtering technology … Ham or spam? - CAPTCHA challenge! This particular challenge-response procedure will never block human users. If unwanted messages still happen to makes it through, users can report them.
  • Content quality assessment (BETA) - Mollom provides a quality score, based on automated content-analysis techniques, for each post sent. This makes it possible to ignore or reject low-quality or offensive comments based on user-controlled quality metrics.
  • Multi-lingual - Mollom stops spam and unwanted content in all languages.
  • Open API - Mollom is built on an open API, meaning that anyone may incorporate Mollom into their Web applications. Open-source modules for several content-management systems are provided, but users are free to adapt it for their own needs.
  • High-availability built in - The Mollom API uses client-side load balancing. This means that should one Mollom server fail or become overloaded, another Mollom server will automatically take over.
  • OpenID - Mollom fully supports OpenID, a decentralized, single sign-on system, which allows users to log in to different websites using only one set of credentials. Internally, Mollom builds a reputation for each of our users' OpenIDs, allowing the inheritance of user reputations across sites in the future.

Watch out, Now!

In addition to adding SilverStripe to the mix, Mollom has wooed big names like Sony, Adobe and Warner Bros. Of course, the service is certainly not the only solution out there; similar tools include the highly popular Akismet from team Wordpress. So why are such high rollers jumping on the Mollom train?

It’s hard to say what exactly could possibly help Mollom become bigger than its competition, mostly because the solution's algorithms are top secret information. But as for why companies of all sizes are turning to the tool, we think the fact that that the service reoports a 99.94% accuracy rate (statistics here) has something to do with it. That’s only 6 goofs per 10,000 comments!

Additionally, Mollom’s ability to essentially “learn” as users report the few straggling pieces of spam that manage to slip through the cracks is impressive.

The service is free for users with low volume websites and offers advanced features for paid premium accounts. Interested? Check out what all the buzz is about here.