Publishers that wish to take advantage of Kaltura's (news, site) open-source video platform to push their own services can now sign up with Kaltura's recently-launched Partner Program. Targeted at resellers, system integrators OEMs, media consultants and marketing agencies, the Partner Program provides a white-label edition of Kaltura's commercial offering.

Benefits of the Kaltura Partner Program include an OEM version of the platform, flexible licensing options, and a referral program, among others.

  • OEM version of Kaltura's video-delivery platform that can be run on one's own data center or cloud service provider;
  • Flexible licensing options;
  • Kaltura's SaaS offerings;
  • Kaltura's Add-on apps;
  • Referral program that can bring in revenue;
  • Application exchange for third-party developers;
  • Partner support program, which includes trainings, support and co-marketing.

Kaltura chairman and CEO Ron Yekutiel highlights the importance of rich media in business' content strategy.

Video is said to soon consume up to 90% of the world's cloud resources. It is therefore imperative for any online service provider to integrate and deploy functionality that would enable them to capture that huge potential.

Business Potential for Third-Party App & Content Developers

Kaltura is also starting an application exchange, similar to how Brightcove plans to market its App Cloud partners with focus on providing a multi-platform delivery of apps and content. Kaltura's Partner Program also offers support to third-party application developers for the development and sale of apps, services and solutions that integrate Kaltura technology. Publishers that participate in the Kaltura Partner Program can enjoy cross-marketing opportunities and even field-assisted sales support.

Kaltura offers its open-source video platform as a free source download at A commercial version is available at, while organizations that wish to run the platform under their own brand can take advantage of the Kaltura Partner Program at