Brightcove Appcloud
Mobile applications are the future of content deployment, as evident with the hundreds of thousands of apps for the different mobile platforms. With this, Brightcove (news, site) has evolved from its earlier focus on online video to a fresh product line focused on making content and applications for web and mobile.

Brightcove's App Cloud is a platform through which publishers can deploy content to multiple devices, including mobile platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. Brightcove expects that clients will be able to save money through App Cloud with reduced development costs. App Cloud lets users deploy content via apps intended to natively run on a wide range of mobile, TV, tablet and other capable devices.

Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove chairman and CEO highlights the advantage of Brightcove App Cloud over either one-off application development and cookie-cutter templates, given the fragmented nature of clients and devices.

App Cloud offers a new alternative with a platform that significantly streamlines the development and management of custom content apps across devices. With App Cloud, Brightcove cloud content services offer unprecedented choice, control and efficiency for initiatives spanning online video, native apps and touch websites.

Applications and Touch-based Interfaces

Brightcove App Cloud caters to clients with native application platforms and touch-based interfaces. App Cloud will automatically generate compiled code for Apple iOS and Google Android, which converts content into native apps for these platforms. Meanwhile, the software will also generate touchscreen-friendly websites, which are appropriate for delivery on touch-based devices like smartphones and tablets.


Brightcove App Cloud

App Cloud combines the cloud content service with an open development model and highlights the following features:

Learning Opportunities

  • Content Connectors for universal connectivity to content in existing Web CMS, online video platforms, blogs, photo-sharing services and other systems that support open APIs;
  • Content Optimization Services that deliver high performance even over limited bandwidths;
  • Actionable Analytics for optimization;
  • Intelligent Push Services for cross-platform delivery; and,
  • Account Administration Services for central management of users and digital assets.


Brightcove App Cloud Analytics

Open Standards

Brightcove prides itself in ensuring App Cloud only runs open standards, which means that the platform won't use proprietary technology that might be a limiting factor to ensuring wide reach. App Cloud users can take advantage of the platform's use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and its own App Cloud SDK, which features JavaScript component libraries for accessing native device capabilities and content.

Currently in private beta, Brightcove's App Cloud will be commercially available in the second half of the year.

Here's a look: