WordPress Plugins
It wasn't that long ago that we brought you an exclusive view of 7 really Superfly Plugins for Wordpress. But low and behold our ever resourceful colleague John appears to have missed a couple key ones. Now he said we could call him a dufus..but I don't know... Instead, we offer up 4 more that should whet your appetite for WordPress, particularly around marketing capabilities. Just for fun, we'll give you the other seven as a reminder to John to get with the program.In case you have forgotten what WordPress is, it is an open source blog content management system. It operates using php code and mySQL databases. WordPress has pretty much become the future of blogging (or at least this type of system). It is one of many CMS’s that is open-source and therefore offers a large base of plugins. Now many of us already know that blogging is a way to make money from home, etc., etc., etc… But did you also know that there are plugins specifically developed for marketing your blog? That’s right!

Marketing Your WordPress Blog

If you already have a WordPress site, great. If you don’t, get one. Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to some marketing. Blog marketing is huge topic right now and has been for some time. The best ways to market and monetize blogs comes from creating a blog that holds interest for the public, posting quality content and well placed advertising on your blog. For some additional great blog marketing tips you can visit ProBlogger.com. But I am here to show you blog marketing specifically developed for WordPress. And the great part, there is hardly any work involved. # Mowser Wordpress Mobile With the huge push toward ensuring you are mobile, a plugin that does it for you would be great! Well, here it is. This plugin redirects site viewers who are on mobile phones to a mobile optimized version of the page. Stay ahead of your competition with this one. # Google AdSense for Feeds In addition to working with AdSense on your site, you should have it in your feed as well. And now you can, with ease. This plugin makes it easy to add ads directly to your feed. # WP Super Cache This is a great plugin that facilitates easy page viewing and quick loading for users. The plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a HTML file is generated, your web server will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts. # WP Super Edit If you want great edit enhancements to spruce up your posts you need this plugin. SE gives you control over a variety of other items in your editor including tables, tags, flash files, and more.

Installation of Plugins

I have installed all four of these plugins myself and can verify that they do work. Now as with a lot of open source, you may run into compatibility problems with other plugins that you run. However, I run all four of these along with a large amount of other plugins and I don’t seem to have any problems. I have also run them on a variety of themes and again, have had no problems and have seen traffic increases in as little as 24 hours. Now you too can market your blog with ease. With these WordPress plugins you can get control and results for no money, little work, and peace of mind.

Hey, What About the Other 7 Superfly WordPress Plugins?

And in case you forgot about the other 7 Superfly Plugins for WordPress -- here they are: 1. PodPress An outstanding blogcasting solution, PodPress takes your interviews/bizarre rants/drunken ramblings and brings them from the desktop to the whole wide world with a couple of clicks. (Which may not always be a good idea...) 2. WP-Polls Widget Polls, plain and simple, are on offer here. Ajaxy, customizable to the hilt; pretty and functional. Configure your poll from the menu and provide the usual information (how many questions you want to ask, whether multiple answers are allowed, whether users can vote more than once). Pick from a number of poll templates (fully customizable from the source code), and you're ready to go. 3. Adsense Manager There are dozens of Google Adsense plugins for WordPress, and a lot of them are a bit half-arsed. Adsense Manager is a good'un, though. It renders your Adsense code as handy widgets which can then be easily managed for use in the sidebars. 4. Adsense Injection Puts Adsense ads into the main body of your content "without a lot of f**king around." It can be a bit messy, but there's no other obvious way of putting Adsense in the main body without ugly brute-force editing of the CSS stylesheet. So although it takes a bit of getting used to, this plugin is one you are probably going to want. 5. All In One SEO Pack. One of the most popular WordPress plugins, and rightly so. Add meta title, description and keywords to your posts. Right there in your "Write" screen so you can just copy and paste relevant information from the body of your post in no time at all. A prerequisite for WordPress bloggers. 6. Google XML Sitemaps. Configures and updates your XML sitemap, and optimizes it for Googlebot. A fire-and-forget solution that keeps sitemaps up to date. The best recommendation I can make for this plugin is that you upload it, configure it, and then never have to look at it again. Not exciting, but you should definitely get it if you'd like to expand your site beyond, say, one page. 7. Shift This Newsletter. This is the only plugin named here that doesn't come free, but at US$ 30 it's a real steal. Spend US$30 on Shift This and it will deliver a subscribe field widget, run a subscriber database, automate confirming/denying subscribers, build an outline of your newsletter, automatically import the week's/month's posts, configure your STMP server to send the newsletter out, and stagger outgoing emails so that the server doesn't get clogged. And a whole lot more, in fact.