SubHub ReDux: Launches Drupal 7 App Store

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Visitors to SubHub’s (news, site) site today received a little surprise:  A less than subtle message announcing a new “SubHub!”  with no additional details. What’s coming next? We are not mere mortals and found out.

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Aimed at Non-Technical Users

CMSWire spoke with Evan Rudowski, Co-Founder and Director, of SubHub. Today, the company has announced a Drupal 7 App store targeted at non-technical users that allows them to more easily monetize their site content.

According to Rudowski,

Prior to the launch, most websites had a static level model. With the new Drupal 7 App Store, users only pay for exactly what they want. We stop billing when they uninstall."

The new site is easy to use. We set up a full Drupal 7 site in the background. The process required about three minutes, five text box entries and not a single line of code. Snazzy.

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SubHub Drupal 7 App Store

Learning Opportunities

The new SubHub offering has two core benefits:

  • Allows non-technical resources to more easily create a Drupal 7 site with no development
  • More quickly support monetization of content of any site

SubHub has created a solution that allows anybody to become a professional content publisher.


SubHub will be forming partnerships with software providers to providers supply modules to the site. Over time, the site's marketplace will look similar to categorization and volume of other app stores that users may leverage for smart phones or tablet devices.

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SubHubs membership module built on Drupal 7 Commerce

The SubHub membership module, which has basic and premium versions, is a unique module developed by SubHub leveraging Drupal Commerce. SubHub is also being a good open-source citizen; the company has released the reoccuring payment component of the solution back into the wild to be incorporated into Drupal Commerce.