Maybe it's just all the good will that is floating around the SharePoint Las Vegas conference, or the lax marriage laws, but whatever it is another two companies have just announced they are getting together.

This union comes in the shape of Missouri-based KnowledgeLake (news, site), which provides scalable document imaging for SharePoint, and Dallas-based Global 360 a provider of business process and document management solutions.

While the companies say that the new partnership will provide complete business process and document management software in the same package, it is not entirely clear whether this will be available for both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007.

Document Capture And BPM

You’ll know as soon as we know, but in the meantime the marriage of the two brings together two companies that having been working with SharePoint for quite some time.

KnowledgeLake produces a document imaging and capture product that enables users to capture vast quantities of documents and turn them into usable electronic business information.

Global 360 also extends SharePoint by giving users a scalable way to manage different business processes as the number of processes increase, and can automatically initiate those processes once the necessary documents have been ingested into the SharePoint repository.


Since 2003 KnowledgeLake has been working with SharePoint by extending its document management capabilities using a number of core features built around their document imaging software.

These abilities include:

  • A search interface that allows users search for documents across SharePoint using a different combination of index values.
  • Ability to view images and edit their SharePoint properties on any computer without having to install additional or special software.
  • Document repository configurations from a central location inside SharePoint.
  • Document import or export from any document libraries directly from the SharePoint interface.

In conjunction with KnowledgeLake Capture, users can capture and release large number of paper documents and place them in the SharePoint repository in many different formats including .tif, .pdf or .xps.

Once captured, the software also enables image processing to a very fine level, document indexing and page separation using barcodes.

Global 360

The Global 360 part of the partnership gives users far-reaching control over the processes into these documents, captured by KnowledgeLake.

It would appear that the number of processes that it can manage are only as limited as the number of documents and the number of processes users wish to carry out with the document.

From the Global Business Process Management Suite comes an out-of-the-box user application called viewPoint that comes with preconfigured processes for a whole array of industries including customer on boarding, account opening, claims processing, and savings and retirement portfolio management.

There are a number of other features that Global 360 brings to the table including:

  • Collaborative processes for enabling detailed case management with information that lives in the SharePoint server.
  • Near real-time process tracking including analysis and labor statistics
  • Customized views of information that is most valuable to based on pre-defined criteria

It also comes with the ability to automatically initiate processes once the documents have been placed in the SharePoint repository depending on the type of document in question.

Again, it is still not clear whether this is for SharePoint 2007 only, SharePoint 2010 only, or whether it will work with both. Updates as they come in.