KnowledgeLake (news, site) brands itself as a SharePoint ECM company, so it is naturally quick on the update when it comes to the new SharePoint 2010 launch.

Thinking Ahead

As a company with products firmly embedded in the SharePoint world, KnowledgeLake announced its plans for SharePoint 2010 last October. Actual work started long before then, and the day of release for its content management tools is the moment when all that effort comes to fruition.

The company's Capture Suite and Imaging for SharePoint application are both ready and waiting for customers old and new to upgrade their SharePoint environment to the 2010 vintage.

Both take advantage of the new raft of SharePoint features including a Search Centre to make use of improved server searching. Imaging for SharePoint has also grown a new interface with browser-like tabs for multiple searches and content to be made easily available.

Connect and Share

Imaging for SharePoint also uses SharePoint Server 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS). This helps users access and manipulate data outside of SharePoint Server. Search Center queries can now search beyond just SharePoint-based information into the wider enterprise. Results can also be better presented by grouping and filtering columns, with support for the new SharePoint Server document set content type.

The use of SilverLight throughout SharePoint also powers some useful features including KnowledgeLake's Document Viewer that offers a "find similar" search to track down close-matching documents and the ability to view multiple documents at once. It can also show whole Document Sets in one instance.

A Strong Microsoft Partner

Having picked up several Microsoft Partner awards in 2009, KnowledgeLake can look forward to a busy 2010 with its new products that help users capture, index and manage content. Demos and free trials area available on the KnowledgeLake site and there is a presentation on the SharePoint 2010 features, here.