KnowledgeTree to Offer Integrated Kofax Document Capture Capabilities

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KnowledgeTree to Offer Integrated Kofax Document Capture Capabilities
Open source document management vendor KnowledgeTree (news, site) has just taken another step forward with its software by getting together with one of its resellers -- Red Eagle Consulting -- to develop a KofaxCapture Release Scriptthat will enable users to bulk scan documents into KnowledgeTree repositories.

With years of developing document management solutions behind them, you might well ask why they didn’t just develop a script themselves without going to document automation giant Kofax, but that is exactly the point.

Bulk Document Scanning

Kofax specializes in this kind of solution, adapting their Intelligent Capture and Exchange solutions to the individual needs of organizations that are looking to streamline and accelerate document-driven business processes.

Developed for organizations that depend on bulk scanning, the Kofax Capture Release Script is for KnowledgeTree’s Plus and Premium editions and will also run with its SaaS offering, KnowledgeTreeLive. The basic and community editions appear to have been left out.

How it Works

The Kofax Capture Release Script captures and bulk scans documents, transforms those documents into accurate and easily digestible data, and then using the Hot Folders feature in KnowledgeTree, uploads that data into the system directly.

Learning Opportunities

This is achieved by outputting documents in PDF or image format, along with XML files that contain document properties (or metadata).

The Hot Folders feature is particularly useful in that it can mass populate the KnowledgeTree repository with documents along with their properties and workflow.

The fact that the new script was developed as a partnership between KnowledgeTree and one of its resellersprobably means that this is going to popular with KnowledgeTree current and future clients.

After all, who better to gauge what clients are looking for than a reseller.