With all the fuss about document management and the great things that document management software can do for the environment, it’s a bit surprising that more companies haven’t launched ‘green’ manifestos to accompany their new releases.

That could be about to change with Knowledge Tree’s (news, site) announcement that it has launched a green IT promotion that will see the company planting a tree in Africa for every new sale over US $4500.

Each planted tree will be documented with a certificate issued to customers outlining the details of their contribution.

That is not to say that you may wake up some morning to find KnowledgeTree CEO Daniel Chalef digging holes in your back yard to plant trees personally. It just means that the company will be sponsoring the climate change and sustainable development organization Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) to do it for them.

While some cynics will have, no doubt, already written this off as pure PR, there’s really no need to as KnowledgeTree has already acknowledged that it is PR, but also conforms with their concept of paperless and sustainable offices.

Keep in mind that PR it may be, but it will still see KnowledgeTree responsible for planting more trees in Africa and other developing regions. And that is a good thing.

And speaking of KnowledgeTree, while version 3.7 of KnowledgeTree’s on-the-premise commercial edition is due to land between now and the end of the year, there is still no official touchdown date.