Kentico Goes Green, Plants a Tree for Every CMS Bug
Kentico (news, site) is either really into supporting the environment, or they are just that sure their web content management system is relatively bug free.

For every bug found in the latest version of the Kentico web content management system -- that's Kentico 4.1 -- Kentico has said it will plant a tree.

Now this only applies to bugs found by you, the users of the Web CMS. You can report your bugs on this website.


Kentico Trees For Bugs

The tree planting will take place until October 1, 2009 and Kentico has promised to plant at least 100 trees. They think the list of bugs will be much lower -- you can keep track on the Trees For Bugs website.

Learning Opportunities

Just where are these trees being planted? Kentico say somewhere within 150km from Brno, Czech Republic, close to their headquarters.

And guess what? The tree planted for the bug you report will have your name on it. You will be emailed a picture of your tree and the location it is planted, in case you want to visit it.

This is a nice, environmentally friendly way to celebrate their 5th anniversary. So what do you say? Go find a bug and adopt a tree.