Kofax, Atalasoft Offer First Joint SDK Offers Cloud-Based Imaging

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For the second time this week, there have been releases in the document imaging space. Earlier in the week, Nuance announced the release ofPaperPort Professional 14. This time it’s the turn of Kofax (news, site), which released Atalasoft DotImage 10.

Seems like Microsoft is having a good time of it, too, this week as both products are designed to work with Microsoft. In the case of Kofax, DotImage 10 is a software development kit of .NET developers that offers ways to streamline the process of image enabling.

Well, not just image enabling, but image enabling of cloud-based applications although Kofax hasn’t said whether it operates with all cloud services.

That aside, it does appear to work with the majority of Microsoft applications built using the .NET Framework for Microsoft Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and Silverlight.

DotImage's new capabilities allow developers to build custom cloud-based applications that can scan, view and process documents and images with significantly less effort and cost," William Bither, of Atalasoft, said.

DotImage 10

The bottom line here is that it incorporates controls to add zero-footprint web document viewing and annotation support, and, in doing so, enables users to view and annotate TIFF and PDF documents in web browsers without having to add plugins. Specifically, DotImage 10's new capabilities include:

  • HTML document viewer:Enables developers to build viewers with smooth scrolling to work in browsers on both mobile devices and PC without installing client software; the result is that the viewer can be embedded into ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC websites, or deployed with SharePoint
  • Silverlight imaging SDK:Ported to run inside the Sliverlight client and other managed environments such as Windows Phone 7 and Office 365
  • Improved web scanning: Browser-based scanning has been significantly improved with ActiveX TWAIN capabilities
  • OCR SDK: Can process 137 languages including Latin, Greek and Cyrillic, with add-ons offering Asian, Hebrew and Farsi

Kofax, Atalasoft

Another point of interest here is the short amount of time it took for these two companies to start producing after the acquisition of Atalasoft by Kofax in May.

Learning Opportunities

At the time, Kofax said it was buying Atalsoft (news, site) with a view to enhancing its SDK and offering it for use with Kofax’s Capture and Transformation modules software by the end of this year.

Well, there’s five months to go before the end of the year and it looks like it's comfortably beaten its forecasts, at least timewise.

But then there was a clause in the deal that said Kofax may pay an additional US$ 4.2 million in cash on top of the US$ 4.7 million that it paid on closing of the transaction during the next two-and-a-half years, subject to the achievement of specific annual revenue growth.

Nothing like a few million dollars to encourage a company. We’re not suggesting that this is the reason Atalasoft came up with some of the goods so quickly, but it can’t have done the process any harm either.