Launch Google Docs to Edit Your Local Documents
A useful new utility, GDocsOpen lets users launch any MS Office document on the desktop and work with it in Google Docs.

Documents at Play

Working on the desktop and in the cloud presents several obvious problems, from working on out-of-date files, to compatibility and file format issues. GDocsOpen solves this document management conundrum by creating a route for documents to travel from the desktop to the cloud with a minimum of fuss.

Available for all Windows users, once installed, GOpenDocs will kick in when any type of office document is double-clicked, including .doc or .docx from the likes of MS Office, LibreOffice or StarOffice. Once you start using it, you are able to synchronize your documents in both domains at the touch of a button. 

An Integrated Solution

Users can choose to open the local or remote file from the application and Google Docs will open, with password details already pre-stored, saving time going to the right page, finding the right document and so on.

GDocsOpen costs just US$ 9.99 and is available as a seven-day free trial to see if it really works for you. For anyone moving their documentation from the desktop to the cloud, it is a neat integrated solution to the problem of duplicate files for single users or small groups.