Continuing to fight the open source Office battle, Libre Office has had a major upgrade to version 4.0 with cleaner code, improved interoperability with other suites, presentation remote control and new themes. 

Battle of the Offices

While it used to be OpenOffice taking up the battle with Microsoft's giant suite, the task has fallen to Google Docs and other cloud-based services in recent years. But, Libre Office, the off-shoot that came as OpenOffice ended up with Apache, is still evolving with a major new upgrade for its Mac, Linux and Windows users.

It offers improved collaboration, using the CMIS standard to integrate with Content Management Systems and online document storage. By providing a Web services interface, CMIS can be used to link documents to cloud or web-based data repositories and so on. These include Alfresco, IBM FileNet P8, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, Nuxeo, OpenText, SAP NetWeaver Cloud Service.

The new features page has updated large and small across the Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Base applications. Plus the distribution ships with new open-source fonts including  Open Sans, PT Serif, and Adobe's Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro. You can download the latest version from this location

Freedom to Code

The latest version of Libre Office has some 10,000 code changes made by over 500 contributors. Adding to the work has been made easier with the introduction of a code review and contribution service that should speed up further development. It has already seen some 1,500 changes go through its system. 

Libre Office has also added a version of Logo for Writer that enables vector art creation for desktop publishing via commands among many other features. With all these advances, The Document Foundation that manages Libre Office deserve praise for pushing the package forward and building a user base from the ashes of OpenOffice. 

Hopefully it will continue to push compatibility and web-awareness to keep itself relevant as users head to the clouds, start working on tablets and so on. but for anyone in need of alight and easy to install anywhere office package, give this a try.